Monday, December 10, 2007

Love Scarf Deadline

Today is the day that I need to have all scarves handed in...well, ACTUALLY I need to deliver them by the 15th, so if you still have them, email me TODAY for the address and RUN to your post office so that they get to me on time! I want to have 20! Anyone out there gonna make it happen? anyone?


Becky said...

Hi Kristy,

I have a scarf for you! The first project started and completed ever. I had fun making it, hope it meets the standard. My 8 year old can't wait to learn, and even hubby picked up a few rows :) Please email me your address.
Becky Postma

Andrea said...

I'm sorry that I sort of lost track of the dates for this project. But I do have my completed scarf ready to drop in the mail today. Please send your address to me at

Thanks for taking the time to collect so many!


Liz said...

Done! I mailed three today. I just hope they get there in time!