Monday, December 31, 2007

My Loves December

Putting up the Christmas Tree even when you were so tired.
Being so supportive on my Holiday Tour
Being the MOST worried about lil sis' Ellie when we misplaced her for a few days....driving all the way back to the church to look for her.
Reading the girls Bear Stays Up.
Coming home and helping clean up when I had been busy photo editing
Going along with all my Christmas Parties and Surprise Ideas
Being upset when I accidentally discovered my Christmas presents hiding place.
Buying me new presents so that I had something to open on Christmas Morning.
Telling lil sis about Santa and counting out the 8 carrots that big sis insisted on.
Working so hard to provide for us.
Saying YES all the time.
Loving our girls as much as you do.
Being the best hugger ever.
Going to Disneyland when I know you hate crowds...

Big Sis
Motioning to me that I still had my scarf on during my warm up for the performance...glad someone's got my back.
Your moxie when it came down the came through for your solo!
Going to the PS 1 Moma together, just us.
You at your first violin recital
Your pure enthusiasm for all things Christmas and Hanukkah for that matter
Your face while you ice skate
Holding hands with me
Your toothy gummy smiles
Being so excited for the parties
The outfits you put together for church and parties...lots of layering happening
Being so patient with your teacher's apparent bad breath
opening your heart and soul up to your family, whom you don't see that often and don't always know so well.
playing Go Fish with Cindy
Spending the afternoon with your great grandparents.
Whispering to Santa that you wanted a Hannah Montana set for Christmas
Your excitement about caroling
Working very hard to write and illustrate your talk about Jesus' birth for primary
Working so hard to learn your Christmas duet for church...being so brave while performing it.
Suggesting "Last Christmas" (WHAM, Ashley Tisdale) as a song in primary at church, everyone agreeing that it would be ok to sing....
ALWAYS watching out for lil sis....bringing her home an extra cookie from school, talking your ballet teachers into giving HER a ballet barbie for Christmas thoughtful all the time.
Being the ultimate flexible traveler...sleeping on the plane, schlepping your stuff, practicing while on are a dream.

Lil Sis
Being brave when we misplaced your favorite Ellie for a few days...asking for Ellie every 5 minutes.
Strutting around the National Theatre declaring you are a princess.
Helping me with the laundry
Eating Sandwiches together at the counter
You playing the itty bitty violin
The way you say Christmas and Disneyland
Being so excited with the announcement we were going to see Grammy and Papa
Telling everyone Santa is coming through your window
Answering: PRESENTS, whenever anyone asked: What do you want Santa to bring you?
Your lipstick obsession
Making sure everyone had a card when caroling, inviting yourself into people's houses....loving getting cookies wherever we caroled
Dancing to the subway performer's music
Your little body, sitting on the edge of your seat, dancing while watching the Rockettes...worth the price of all our tickets and thensome
Your tender loving care toward all dogs that cross your path...some of your few gentle moments
Swallowing your gum EVERY time....
Loving Coke as much as I do....shhhh...don't tell anyone, I only give you a few sips after all
STILL talking about your haircut everyday
Continuing to embody who you are, and not accepting any adjective to describe you ACCEPT your first given name....that's my lil sis. "No, I'm not cute, I'm LILSIS!"
When we close your nightly prayers, that are sometimes said in a hurry, you saying: "HEY! What about Chloe? or Sam? or whoever is on your mind that night that we forgot."

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Kage's Dad said...

We love them all too!