Thursday, December 13, 2007

Third Person Thursday

She and her daughter had a photoshoot today. A rare treat for both of them.

After watching big sis in her little dance recital at school, they trudged off to be models in Soho. When the train reached the station, she noticed wet shoulders on waiting passengers and realized the wintry mix that had been forecast, had arrived. She was not prepared. She had taken the gamble on the snow/wintry mix, and decided that it would only snow. She was wrong.

They carefully made there way to the studio, somewhat dry. She and lil sis dressed in the most summery dresses one could imagine, and they were both grateful that the heat was on full power. Lil sis did a really great job with her solo shot, and the two of them had a great time with their double.

The photographer happened to catch a frame that had little to do with the story. This frame (by Horan) describes their dynamic to a TEE!


Natasha said...

that is soooo funny!

Lisa said...

I know this is staged, but I am afraid there will be more hands going on hips in your future!!!

Kage said...

Actually, not staged, this was totally candid

Ashley said...

That is way too cute!!!!!