Thursday, December 20, 2007

Third Person Thursday

She had seen all sorts of subway and street performers in her 5 plus years in NYC. Usually she could tell who it was before she reached them. There is the saw lady, the ebony hillbillies, the opera guy, accordian guy, Guitar Twins, the tap dancer with drummer, the steel drum guy, the guy who sambas with a dummy woman...the list goes on.

On this day, she approached a LARGE crowd of people, all of which seemed to be thoroughly engaged with the subway act of the moment. There wasn't usually an act in this particular spot. Occasionally there was a girl who would stand on a box frozen until you paid her box...then she would blow kisses or do a little ballet routine or something...but that's about it.

She somewhat reluctantly approached the crowds with her children, sure that if something was getting THIS much attention is must be dirty or inappropriate for children. She being tall, TRIED to look over the crowd to see what the fuss was about, but she couldn't see a thing. Finally the girls inched there way through the crowd to the front, and only then was she able to catch a glimpse of the Michael Jackson Impersonator.

She had seen one before, but not this particular one. And no it wasn't dirty, but some of the dance moves were a little, well, Michael Jacksonish. She watched the rest of his show with the girls and her friend, and then let the girls contribute to his hat. It was his idea to take the picture. Cool. She loves New York.

Notice big sis bending her knees. (SHE had to do that with a few boyfriends....)


Laura said...

Growing up near San Francisco I learned to love street performers. There is some amazing talent out there! I would have loved to see this guys stuff. The picture well thats priceless!

Ashley said...

That's cool! Where did you get that adorable headband??

Anonymous said...


The Little Michael Jackson is Alex. He likes the spot where you saw him and is there often. The official performance spot at Times Square (by the escalators) is now reserved only for performers who can battle the owner of the new music store that opened there last month (the store puts out speakers in order to out-loud the performers and sometimes the store even calls the police in order to get rid of the musicians...).
Anyway, if you want to identify some of the subway musicians you see - there are photos with explanations of some of them on my blog (where I tell what happens when I play in the subway).
And next time you run into me - come and say 'hi'. Didn't I see you at 14th street? I think I should remember such a pretty little girl.
Wishing you a wonderful holiday season,
all the best,

'Saw Lady'

Kage said...

ashley, headband: H & M

sawlady! You found my blog! Yes, you have probably seen her at 14th least we have stopped to listen there before. We see you elsewhere but usually can't stop to enjoy.

Can't wait to check out your blog...

Rachel H said...

when we were there this summer we saw a Michael Jackson impersonator down there- I am not sure if it was this guy- I know the one we saw was short, but I am not sure if he was that short.. anyway- that's so fun! I love watching them!

Anonymous said...

Rachel H - that was Steven Clark you saw in the subway. He has been doing the Michael Jackson act longer than Alex in the NYC subway.

All the best,

Saw Lady

Heather said...

That picture was priceless...but, Olive showing no interest at all was even better! She was thinking "Yeah, he's short, so am I and I can dance too...what's the big deal?" Love our adventures!