Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Times Square Debut

A few months ago I had a wrangling job for Target. It was a very long day, but not because of the actual work, but more for the drama.

The first shot involved a little girl pulling a Christmas Tree. After she got over the itchiness of her tights (I supplied her with some magic lotion that takes itches away), she did a really good job dragging that heavy tree. Many many many frames later, she was released for the day.

By then the adult model's custom-built afghan dress had been tailored to fit and she got on set to do her many many many frames.

Next up was a girl and boy on a sled. They must have changed her clothes, no joke, 17 times. They were after JUST the right combination of reds and whites. He was wearing this purple and red number and they never changed his outfit. We must have waited hours and hours for this shot to be complete, and it appeared to be a wardrobe issue. I laughed when I saw that they just photoshopped everything generic red and white...after ALL that! If you are a Project Runway fan, you may recognize her as Nick's model in Season 2. She is most memorable to me for her Barbie Doll Challenge Runway Walk, because Nick won that challenge.

The last shot of the day was on a sled. There were two tweens involved with the shot, which is why I had to stay. Right when we got our boy model on the sled he got a call from his Dad saying that their surrogate mother (in Boston) had gone into labor, and he demanded that his son be taken off the set. The boy was extremely dramatic about the whole thing and in an instant, we lost our model.

We were desperate, so we went down to Chelsea Piers and tried to find a model. We found the PERFECT kid from LA and his Dad happened to be an agent...and they would not let him go do the job b/c it was their last night in NYC and they were fixing to take a boat ride. We then tried a little toddler who just wigged out about having to change his clothes. I then called my manager and she jetted downtown with her son and his friend...well her son's skin was a bit too dark and his friend was Asian...apparently they were going for a very caucasion look. Shoot. We failed. They kept shooting the four on the sled, but it is apparent from this photo that they must have re-shot it with a new model boy at a later date. I was not involved in the end.

And thus ends the legendary Christmas Tale of the Target Times Square Billboards. And did I mention Manhattan does not have a Target anywhere on the Island?

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Melissa said...

That used to bug me so bad. Why have a billboard in the heart of Manhattan and not have a store anywhere on the island? Grrr.
Sounds like a long day...