Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My Loves

When I was working for Hallmark last month, I scored one of their magazines. I read this beautiful article about a couple who were truly in love. The wife kept a journal of sentences of all the wonderful things that her DH did for her. It was her treasure after he passed away. It made me bawl like a big baby. Life goes so fast for me, that I decided to record the little things, to help me appreciate my loves.

July 2007
Letting me sleep in after Kansas City Trip: Making Breakfast for the girls
Taking me to Harry Potter Movie
Cleaning up the car after a lot of sandy kids were in there.
Going to get Pull-ups when we were both so exhausted, and after you got caught in the Steam Pipe explosion.
Talking me through the depths of despair
Suggesting Dinner Saturday night
Reading Harry Potter 6, whilst I read 7.
Doing the dishes when my room was spinning.

Big Sis: Covering my toes up with the blanket and kissing my head
Dressing up to go "see a (pretend) boy"
That one GREAT violin-practicing day...just that one.
Yelling: "MOMMY!" when I got home from work.
Making me the M-O-M creation for my bulletin board.
Asking if my cholesterols were gone yet?
Gently reminding others that my mommy doesn't eat sweets anymore.

Lil Sis: Singing Butterfly songs in the bathroom
Having a dry pull-up for most of the day on Sunday (even though she threw her toy phone into the soiled toilet)
Reading about 7 books IN A ROW...without wiggling, ripping, or running away...you're growing up!
Kissing my elbow, when you were supposed to be in bed.
Crawling in bed and holding hands with me while I tried to wake up.
She was sitting on my legs watching tv, and noticed a blister on my dirty (from the streets of NYC) big toe, and kissed it.
Rubbing my bright red hair wig (at the Harry Potter party)and saying: Pretty Hair Mommy.


New Haircut

Frank works his magic again:

I miss her curls very much, but I know they will grow back like lightening...she is kind of in a hair growth period right now.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Monday Photo Assignment

Superhero Journal's Monday Photo Assignment was a welcome distraction from the constant dizziness that I have been afflicted with since Tuesday. I spent a good long afternoon with the ENT today and now I know that I have a deviated septum and really good hearing. And I'm still dizzy.

Gradually Going Green

This week I scored the HP bag I had mentioned in a previous post.

The director of this staged reading that I am rehearsing, gave it to me. I used it to take my groceries home on Saturday. I love it.

Speaking of reusable bags, this post is really funny:
I am not a plastic bag

A friend of mine gave me the link for this reusable wrapping paper. It's a little pricey, BUT I can see it making it's rounds amongst a group of close friends. It would be a fun tradition, to always wrap it in the special friends-only paper year after year:
Reusable Gift Wrap

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Quote of the Week

"Mom, are your cholesterols gone?"

Asked by my daughter at the doctor, during my Harry Potter Tosis Checkup. I am going to get double-checked by an ENT, but it turns out that it's probably just Stress.

Imagine that.

As far as the Cholesterol, my daughter feels so bad for me because I can't eat as many fatty sweets as I was in the habit of eating. It's ok honey, that's actually a good thing. Oh, and my doctor disagrees with my allergist as to the severity of the number. So, I figure 9:30 PM Chipotle last night was ok? Anyone? At least it wasn't my second choice-a pint of Ben & Jerry's Oatmeal Cookie Ice Cream.

Friday, July 27, 2007

New Banners

Blog Cosmetology is who has been working on some new banners for the blog.

I really like this one. I think it's super. There are a few others that incorporate the posse's photos, but it's probably ok to leave those off what with the flickr album on the sidebar, and the fairly regular sharing of photos on the site.

My friend Jen is the designer, and if you want something totally cool designed for you, check out her website, and her reasonable prices, and be sure to let me know if you use her, because I want to see!

72 Hour Kit: Week 3

What you're gonna need:

Battery Lighting (Flashlights, Lamps)
Extra Batteries
Flares, Candles, Lighter
Water-proof Matches

What I have:
A flashlight and 2 glowsticks. Shoot.

Harry Potter Tosis

I have never been drunk.

I think the closest I have been to drunk was that time in college...(just kidding...wanted to get my mom's heart pumping a little)...is when I took Nubain during the labor of my first daughter. In this birth story, she describes it: "I tried the Nubain at around 7:00am. It made me feel like I had a few glasses of wine." If I were to drink, I now know that I would be a happy drunk.

Anyway, during that episode, I remember feeling like there was an invisible shield stretching between my ears, that I had to overcome in order to talk and act normal in the world. I didn't succeed very well because I invited my anesthesiologist over for dinner, after assuring him that I was really quite cool when I wasn't acting like a Frog.

The only other times I have had that foggy drowsy feeling, all had to do with meds. Once for trying to overcome vertigo during meningitis, when I tried Zyrtec, and any time I have taken Nyquil.

So then, why have I been fighting that feeling on and off the past week? I have not changed my meds (just the usual allergy line-up that I have been taking forever, and it's awesome), I don't feel sick, I am emotionally stable, and their are low allergens right now, so it's not like that is causing a fog. I have been forced (by my body) to take two naps this week. Like, can't take it anymore, gonna fall over or cry, must sleep NOW moments. Last night I just faded onto the couch right before I was supposed to go to rehearsal, and I couldn't make it. I went to bed at 9.

My husband thinks it's because I read Harry Potter in 5 days. But the thing is, if I had read it in one day, and say, stayed up to all hours to finish it, then that would make sense...but I DID spread it out, and went to bed at reasonable hours...so why? why the fog?

I recently changed my eye prescription, but it has been fine for the whole month, why would it make me dizzy and drowsy and foggy now? He has a little head cold. Is mine a cold too, but since I netti pot, it's not in my nose like it normally would be? Am I just exhausted? Or, is it Harry Potter Tosis?

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Third Person Thursday

She knew that HP was taking over her mind and body a little too much. She felt she needed to work out and read her scriptures, two things she hadn't done much of since she got the book.

Since her call time was early that morning, she couldn't exercise, but she could pop her scriptures in her bag, right next to HP, and read on the train.

As she sat on the train thinking about Dumbledore and Harry, she sat down and disciplined herself to instead read about the Vineyard and the Olive Tree. She looked up and noticed a man with a Yamakah opening his backpack. She saw the HP book in there, but noticed, he too was reading his scriptures first. Oh, the things that bring us together, she thought.

She spent the rest of the train ride reading her scriptures, trying to keep her mind from wandering.

Once she got to the job she had a few minutes to read just one more chapter, and then it was time for work to begin. She was wrangling for TJ MAXX today. On the schedule: Cute babies. And baby chicks. And kittens.


She had heard a peeping, but sometimes random birds get stuck in random places (the PEST aisle in the Queens Home Depot is basically a hatchery for pigeons...while you are buying the pest preventors, you are getting crapped on by a pigeon..oh the irony), so she figured a lost sparrow had gotten stuck in the studio or something...nope...chicks.


Before she began, a mom arrived, came in and announced that her son was there but sleeping. She said ok, and the mom left and then came right back in and introduced herself: "Hi, I'm ____________, and I read your blog." She was so surprised to meet a reader like that. Fun and Random. Later in the day they got to know each other better and her reader suggested that she strive for publication...which gave her a little something to think about...

Back to the babies. They were all so good today, really. Even the one that was SO ready for a nap, pulled out some great shots for her. Working with the animals taught her a few things:

1. Chickens poop a lot. Well, she's used to that.

2. If you want a chicken to stay in place for a little while, take the chicken, cup it in your hands and shake it..not vigorously, kind of in a large, up and down arch. That's what THEIR wrangler did...

3. Babies can very easily pick up little chicks and try to eat them or squeeze them. Even if they have the chicken by the little feather, in between it's thumb and forefinger, the chicken cannot GET AWAY.

4. Kittens do not like things tickling their faces, like babies do. If you try to wrangle a kitten, like a baby, you will not be successful.

5. Kittens are friskier than baby chicks.

6. Kittens can make babies bleed. Yes, she had her first injury on set today, a pinprick of blood from the sweetest baby boy. He was so brave.

So, after a half day of wrangling, she headed to a callback for a job, which she booked (yippee), and then went home and tried to read while her 2-year-old had never ending: "Watch Mommies!" With 61 pages left, she fidgeted through her rehearsal that night, yelling spells along the way: Expelliarmus! Lumos!

She finished it just before 10 PM. And yes, tears were shed.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I have finally finished. What a read.

My crazies

I love the outfit on the big girl, and the pigtails and legs on the little girl.

The little one got her haircut yesterday, by Famous Frank. No more pigtails...no more curls....but I know it will grow back quick as lightening! Photo soon. Working today.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ode to the Cat

Remember Cargoland?

Well, just a few short weeks after the Cat arrived in CA, she was taken by a coyote in the middle of the night, just beyond her new backyard. I know how much my friend loved her little Cat, and I have to say, the minimal amount of time I spent with her, I must admit, she had a very cute MEOW. Rest in Peace little one. Prrrrrrrrrrrr.

Gradually Going Green

I finally got to the green market in my very own neighborhood, this past weekend. This is the haul. It wasn't that much either. The girls are loving the peaches (I'm allergic). The corn was so delicious and sweet, tomatoes perfect, with a little of that fresh basil, mozzarella and chunky salt. MMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....Those cucumbers were a steal at 3 for a dollar. My kids inhale cucumbers.

My other green moment was at Target yesterday when I bought some new dish towels. They are 100% Organic, and only $3.99 each I think. They are the perfect green color to match the paint in the condo, so it was a great purchase over all. Last night I noticed my director had a Harry Potter bag (I had seen several walking around the party on Saturday) and I expressed interest in inheriting it upon his completion with it, so that I can use it for groceries...so let's hope I'm successful...he seemed willing to part with it, but I have a few doubts since he is on his second time through book 7 already!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Harry Continues...

After about 9 years of living with this Harry Potter fanatic, my husband finally cracked a book.

Since he has seen all the movies up to 5, he is starting his Harry Adventure with Book 6. On Saturday night, we sat reading for several hours. I put in two more last night. I am about 7 hours in..which puts me somewhere between 3 and 400. I am enjoying it so much so far.

On Saturday, we wore our Harry tattoos, in honor of the book:

My hometown really outdid themselves for their Harry Potter celebration. I sort of wish I had been there. My sis said there was a lady dressed as Professor Sprout, pushing her baby, dressed as a Mandrake. I hope they re-use that for Halloween. Click here to see and read about Naperville's AWESOME Harry Potter Town Party.

I noticed, even my husband's subscriptions: Business Week and The Economist are getting into the Harry Potter Spirit...come ON...these covers CAN'T be a coincidence!:

Read about my friend's BURROW trip, JUST to read the book here. Amazing how a book can bring the world together. Maybe Rowling should run for President.

I sincerely hope that there becomes a national Harry Potter Day, so that we can dress up as crazy witches and wizards at least once a year. I would so love that.

My Latest Work: Listerine

Listerine Whitening Quick Dissolving Strips. Try saying that 10 times fast, WITH the strip in!!! If you want to see me do it once or twice:

First click here, or type this: www.listerinewhitening.com in your window.

Next, click on THE STRIP at the top, in the middle. You will see several circles with the play symbol in them, scroll over the top one, and it will say: How to apply, click on that to see my amazing work ; ).

You can fast forward through the voice over and animitronics, to the rest of ...ME! Frankly, I looked prettier at my Listerine Wedding then my real one....but that's ok with me, I hope I am always improving with age...

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Quote of the Week


Yup. A long, loud, (smelly) fart.
From my 5 year old. During the reverend, sacred, very quiet part of our church service...in fact, I think it was AS they were passing the bread down our row. Oh manners. Where did they go? My DH, who was sitting across the room and on the pulpit even heard it. Oh my my my.

Saturday, July 21, 2007


Last night was so much fun. I kept thinking about J K Rowling and what she must think of this phenomenon, which has gone down in the history books.

Before I write about Soho's Party, I have to give a shout out to my hometown, which apparently goes ALL OUT for this stuff. They were expecting about half the town to show up yesterday, and I am sure they were right. And why not, the bookstore hosting it all, had all of this planned. I am so proud of this bookstore because Barnes and Noble moved in down the street several years ago, and they are still going strong!

My sister attended the Naperville bash, so I am looking forward to her report.

As for us, we headed downtown to the Scholastic Bookstore and the outdoor street party called HARRY POTTER PLACE, our handmade wands in hand...thanks Design Mom.

I thought going early would mean beating the crowds.


The line to the Knight Bus was pretty short. It was fun to stand there and take in all the fans. We got SEVERAL photos taken by Entertainment Weekly, so keep your eye out, just in case...and once we got to the bus, there wasn't much to see, just a tiny little interior...oh well.

Then we got hotdogs and strolled up to the entrance of the party, only to find there was a line a block and a half long. BUT, it didn't take any time at all to get into the party. I loved that Mercer street happened to be cobblestoned. I loved the little stuffed owls here and there. I loved the street performers and the fans. I loved the Womping Willow tree. We made wands and enjoyed the performances the most of everything. By the time we were interested in face painting, the line was pretty long, and my girls were getting sleepy, so we got ice cream and went home. I made a little video of the experience:

On our way out we saw the line forming to receive the book at midnight. The first girls in line had been there since 7:30 AM. Now, THAT's hardcore. I will be just as happy to hear my bell ring when the UPS man arrives tomorrow morning. Happy Reading.

Friday, July 20, 2007

It is HERE....

I have plans to attend the Harry Potter Party in Soho at the Scholastic Bookstore. I got an email about it that describes it:

"The epicenter of the madness (er, magic) will be the Scholastic party outside its Mercer Street headquarters. Called "Harry Potter Place," the event will center around a clock that ticks away the seconds until the world can read the ending to Harry's saga. Kids can hop on board a real-life version of the "violently purple" triple-decker bus described in the series. Inside, they record videos of themselves rambling on about all things wizardly and can later watch the clips at scholastic.com/harrypotter. There will also be the requisite stilt-walkers and fire-eaters, wand-making and face-painting, jugglers and magicians, and, of course, a 20-foot, automated Whomping Willow."

Well, that description just sealed the deal, but I am a bit trepidatious about the whole thing with my two little ones. I am hoping that the early start (5 PM) will attract my-size tykes, and the REAL partying will start once we have left. You KNOW I've GOT to make one of those videos...and I have just put my battery in the charger for my camera. I wish I was more of a put-together-a-costume-real-fast person, but I think my hot-red wig a la TONKS will have to do, and my little girls will bring their magic wands that the Easter Bunny brought them last spring. That's good.

I found this link on my cousin's blog...so I took the test:

The sorting hat says that I belong in Gryffindor!

Said Gryffindor, "We'll teach all those with brave deeds to their name."

Students of Gryffindor are typically brave, daring, and chivalrous.
Famous members include Harry, Ron, Hermione, Albus Dumbledore (head of Hogwarts), and Minerva McGonagall (head of Gryffindor).

Take the most scientific Harry Potter
ever created.

Get Sorted Now!

Ravenclaw was my runnerup!

Other crazy HP bloggers:

click here for a cute pic

A theory

Design Mom is making wands....doh! do I have time to get to Michaels today?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I Can't Be Awake with Myself

"I Can't Be Awake with Myself"is the title of my current mental state. This mental state was named such YEARS ago....it's secret language for. "I have PMS."

I just called my DH and told him, "I can't be awake with myself. I don't feel like myself." He said I didn't sound like myself, and reminded me who the real me is...that I CAN handle my life, that I DO love my life, that I WILL be glad about going to rehearsal tonight, and i would regret quitting something I have not yet begun. The "I Can't Be Awake with Myself" Kage is not allowed to make any important decisions...because she is never right.

The rehearsal is for a reading of an Opera in One Act by my same friend who did the concert about a month ago. The real me is excited about this. The me that is here right now is feeling overwhelmed, bogged down, and like I can't be awake with myself.

So, I think I will go watch The 4400 or maybe the rest of Ferretts: The Pursuit of Excellence. Watching this lady sing the ferrett song again is SURE to help me stay awake with myself:

Third Person Thursday

She often has an image of herself standing in the middle of the city with a pile of 20 dollar bills, waiting for the wind to blow, and then one at a time tossing them away. Bye Bye Money!!!

The reason this image came on this day is because of a stupid pair of brown leggings. Ever since the H & M two for one sale a week earlier, and a pretty cool looking brownish giraffe print tunic, she had been looking for the perfect pair of leggings. The same day she bought the shirt she spent a significant amount of time staring at the leggings/tights wall, trying to decide between cropped and full length, gold and brown, opaque or den (she is pretty sure den meant NOT opaque).

After deciding on a two pack of cropped, opaque, dark brown leggings, she checked out. She got home and pulled them out, only to find that she had grabbed THE WRONG THING. It was TIGHTS.....NOT Leggings. Brown opaque tights in July...anyone? anyone?

Frustrated, she committed to hunting down a good pair, and a less confusing leggings/tights wall. This day, she stopped by American Apparel. She found a great pair, but at $26- for one pair, her budget wouldn't allow for it. She then tried Express. On the wall, JUST what she wanted, and at $14- Still a little pricey, but she figured, if she exchanged the tights ($10-), she would really only be spending about $5 with tax.

So she did it, she bought the leggings. She placed them on top of her very full bag (today's three castings required a tank top, two hair changes (so large hairspray bottle and brush), no makeup, then suburban hip mom makeup, then Rockette makeup, Rockette dance attire, complete with dance shoes, and her giant modeling book--add to that an umbrella), and walked to her third appointment.

About 7 minutes later, she decided to look at the leggings again, she picked up the Express bag, and the leggings were gone. What? She checked inside her bag and her bag within the bag (it was HEAVILY raining when she left earlier that morning, so she had her costumes in a Gap bag---reusing! YES!), and they were nowhere to be found. She scanned the area, and all she saw were adorable ballerinas walking into a studio (THEY must have stolen them!!!)

She retraced her steps all the way back to the counter where she bought them. No luck. And the girls who worked there showed no signs of handing over another pair.

So, she left, with the image of herself throwing 20-dollar-bills in the wind, and wished her pair of leggings a happy life with some other girl, who will probably looked really bad in them...at least she hoped that for a split second (ok 45 minutes) until she got over it. Turning in 6 used Mac Cosmetics containers for a free lipstick, also helped. Feel So Fine, it makes her teeth look whiter.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Good Luck Little Brother. You are going to be GRAND.

Posts about Sam:

baby brother

brother's girlfriend


ggg with bro intro

This photo is now an 8 x 10 in my hallway, so that I pass by it everyday and think of him. I sent him a letter yesterday, so I think it will be waiting for him in the MTC when he checks in today!

Man, I am going to miss him...Tear...for real. Today on the phone, I helped the little one say: "See you when I'm 4!"

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Today's Adventure: Bryant Park

I pass it a lot. I notice the white tents during Fashion Week. I have certainly been there once or twice...but for some reason, today I finally fell in love with Bryant Park.

My casting this morning went way long, and our plans to see the Paper Bag Players in Madison Square Park got trashed. By 11 we were all hungry so we got sandwiches in Times Square, but there is no where to pop a squat there, so we headed to the nearest park: Bryant.

We ate our lunch, and then spotted the beautiful, tiny carrousel. My older daughter had been on it several years ago, so we figured it was time to go again. It was so nice...the girls loved it. I got a little dizzy b/c it's diameter was not ideal...kind of small. It was fun to see the city that way though...round and round.

Then we headed over to the fountain to cool off our arms and toes. Not me, the girls. And as we were heading to the subway, stopped to observe a little Petanque...a game that looked like bocce ball, but wasn't. Then I spotted something...RACKS of books. I figured it was a STRAND booksellers kiosk....but no!

It was the Bryant Park Reading Room! Are you kidding me? How did I not know about this? You enter the "room" and you can read whatever is on the carts, as long as you stay in the room, which is basically a section of tables all in one spot with umbrellas, where smoking is not allowed. Paradise. My daughters and I hunkered down to read a few new books (there is a pretty decent children's section, complete with pint-sized chairs/tables). Halfway through my little potty-training one got THAT LOOK...and we met eyes and she said: "POOPIES!" I told her to HOLD IT and we left our books there and ran to the bathroom. I was bracing myself for a nasty park bathroom experience.


It was BETTER than O'Hare Airport (my fave public restrooms). It had nice wood doors, atmosphere, self-changing seat covers...it was CLEAN...it smelled good. I was in heaven. My little one even HELD IT until we got her there. I was so happy.

Once her business was finished, we headed back, finished our stories and then rode the short train trip home.

I can't WAIT to go back again.

Quote of the Week

"She's crackin' me up like eggs in my eyeballs"

Said from big sister, after little sister said her prayers in a super-high squeaky voice.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Gradually Going Green

Plastic Bags...

I often forget my 2 reusable bags when I go to the store. However, the other day I remembered, and it was raining, and I slipped and I fell, and I broke a spaghetti jar all over the inside of one, so now I only have 1.

I really want to get a full set, but now I have to buy for my 72 hour kit, and I am holding out for my friend to make me some for Christmas...

Anyway, what to do with all the bags...I came across 30 uses for bags at Real Simple Magazine. And why was I on that site? Well...just trying to find out when I can see my 2 cuties in print...


Sunday, July 15, 2007

72 Hour Kit

My church is helping me gather my 72-hour kit.

This is a kit to help one person survive for 3 days. I need 4 of them. Each week we are given an assignment of what to gather/purchase, so that we have a completed kit by September. As of the beginning of this project I had a rather large bag with a few small person-size blankets, 2 glow sticks, a small flashlight, 2 ponchos and a 50 dollar bill. I have enough water elsewhere in my apt. (it won't fit in a bag).

Last week I needed to get protein/granola bars, trail mix/dried fruits, and crackers/cereal. I haven't gotten them yet. This week the assignment is canned tuna, beans, meat, vienna sausages etc. (pop top cans), canned juice, candy/gum.

I consider candy/gum and juice a luxury...but I guess I will still want that stuff in the middle of a hurricane when I am trying to survive? And if I don't eat that canned meat now, would I really eat it during an emergency? Confusion. Today after church I put every can that had a pop top, into the bag, so now I have 6 snack size peaches, a large can of pineapple, 2 cans of soup and a can of beefaroni.

I will REALLY try to get more of the stuff on the list this week. Please wait until September Mr. Hurricane (or other disaster). Pretty please?!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Quote of the Week

My daughter pointed to my face and full of glee exclaimed:


Yes I do. Lots. Thank you (NOT) Mr. Sun.

Friday, July 13, 2007

The Way We Live

Remember The Way We Live?

It fell off the deep end, BUT a friend of mine, who was next up for THE WAY WE LIVE has just posted a little bit about the way she lives, so I thought you might be interested. Click HERE. And for the record, this is the way my couch looked when I was trying to catch Charlie, the Mouse. And I LOVE her red couch, the photo gallery on the wall, and her use of little nooks.

And for the archives:

The Way We Live Part I

The Way We Live Part II

The Way We Live Part III

The Way We Live Part IV

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Third Person Drama

It doesn't get more drama then this:

She was wrangling for a new client. 2 of the models she had wrangled before a few weeks earlier, so she remembered what was going on with them.

The first time she worked with him, the one boy was honoring the 1st anniversary of his older brother's death of a drug overdose. And his baby brother was due in a few weeks, coming via surrogate. That was a lot, so she remembered him, and his story.

When he walked in that day, she immediately asked about the baby. He told her that the baby was due any day, and that he had in fact predicted he would be born that very day. She then got more of the backstory. Around the death of his older brother, his parents received a bill in the mail stating that unless they paid to continue storing their last embryo (must have had some IVF in the past), the lab would destroy it. So, instead of paying for it, they decided to implant it in a surrogate mother.

Everything went late at the shoot that day, and just when she had gotten the boy settled on set, his nanny's phone rang. The surrogate mother was in labor! IN BOSTON! The nanny tried to stave off the Dad's yelling so that we could get a few shots of the boy, but finally the art buyer ran the phone to the boy, and he immediately jumped off the set, changed clothes and left.

Now they had no model and it was close to 7 at night.

She went with the producer to hit the streets. The first boy they found was PERFECT but he and his family were about to get on a boat and it was their last night in NYC. She promised him lots of money and a ginormous poster in Times Square, but the parents wouldn't budge. Apparently the Dad was a casting director from LA and pretty snobbish about the whole thing. The only other boy they found was very young, and freaked out about the fact that he had to change his clothes once they got him upstairs.

Next she called her manager and had her rush her son down, and once they saw him, decided against using him too. Shoot. She tried.

It was such a long day, she doesn't even know what they ended up deciding to do...so she will just have to wait to see the giant poster in Times Square.

Waiting for the 7

Waiting for the 7, after running for it in the rain.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Strange Fruit

It was 25 minutes of some pretty cool stuff.

Today the Posse went to Strange Fruit...a free performance at the Grace Building. It was so cool to see these circus acrobats climb the poles and dance and tell stories through movement and music. My daughters were transfixed the entire 25 minutes, well the little one flipped between the Fruit and the Yorkie sitting next to us-Banjo.

Both of them had meltdowns as we were walking out the door to go, and I almost didn't go about 4 times, but I am glad I pushed through and got them there. It was so worth it. If you want to see them, I think they are performing tomorrow:
Thur 12 July at 12pm, 1pm, 2pm - World Financial Centre, New York, NY.
Sat., 7/14, 4pm, 6pm & 8pm; Free.
Where: Lawn of Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park, Brooklyn

The rest of the afternoon was filled with 2 go-sees, Ferris Wheel at Toys R Us, and dinner at McDonalds. Oh yeah, and then the heavens opened and SHOWERED US. We were SOAKED to the skin by the time we ran home. Running home from the subway was fun for about 45 seconds, and then it was just obnoxious. That is the second time this summer that we have gotten caught in Noah's Ark Rain. Yikes.

Enjoy the photos below:

Kansas City

Hallmark Rules Kansas City!

The company has a large presence there, at least where I stayed at the Westin. There were 2 ginormous buildings, and then I was driven to another one that was also quite large.

It was such a low-key work day. We had a late call time, so I was able to workout in the morning, and then we didn't head to the set until 1 pm. Where was the set? On a Kansas City bus. Yup. It was nice and cold (the weather has been so HOT lately), perfect for our autumn layers. It was a shot of 3 friends riding the bus, looking at a hallmark card. It is for a Hallmark in-store banner that will begin running in mid-January for Valentine's Day.

One gal was red-headed, gap-toothed and Danish. The other was a young mom of 5 children age 2 to 16. What an inspiration both of them were, for completely different reasons. One of my favorite parts of the job is getting to know someone and learn from a slice of their life that intersects with mine.

We wrapped around 4, and then headed to the aiport. If I had known my flight would be delayed until 9 pm, I would have asked my friend to pick me up and take him to his family restaurant. At least I got to drive by it during the shoot! Hi Californos!

I got to bed around 1:30 AM. I went in to kiss and hug the girls, and they obliged even in their sleep. There little: "Hi Mommys" were just the thing I needed at the end of all that traveling. I did make dents in all 4 of my books, but got a little distracted by New York Home, Dominos, Time Out, People, New York and of course, Hallmark Magazine. Whoops.

Today the posse is going to midtown to see Australia's Strange Fruit perform a free concert near Rockefeller Center. It looks SO cool...I love me some circus stilts dancing stuff....then Pukey (5-year-old) has 2 go-sees this afternoon that we will hit on the way home. Thursday and Friday I am wrangling for Target and Sears...so I guess the June dry spell is all being made up THIS WEEK. When it rains, it pours.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Aunts and Uncles

Ok, just one aunt, one uncle viewed here. But they are the best. My girls still miss you guys! Ok, it's only been a day so I guess that's not saying much. ; )

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Kansas City...here I come

My first thought when I book a job out of town, after "I need to find a babysitter, call my other agents and book out, grab some gas-x," is I GET TO READ! I love going on the little business trips alone because I get to read. The last trip I went on my DH said: "Aren't you excited to take a nap on the plane?" Are you kidding? I don't sleep...I read.

I am leaving on Monday night for Kansas City, Missouri. That is where the headquarters for Hallmark are, so the photoshooot is there too. I am not sure if it is for Hallmark Magazine or another advertising section of their company, but I will find out more once I get there. All I know is that it is one day and it is a Valentine's Day shoot.

My reading list:
Nurtured By Love: The Classic Approach to Talent Education
Helping Parents Practice: Ideas for making it easier
Harry Potter Book 6
Raising Your Spirited Child

I could probably easily finish HP, but I sort of want to keep to my schedule of one chapter a day, until Amazon knocks on my door with the newest book. I would like to finish Helping Parents practice, because the novelty of violin lessons (and subsequent enthusiasm), is wearing off at a rapid rate, so I need to figure out how to sustain the practicing momentum.

I won't be gone long, but it will be just enough to refresh me and remind me that even though June was a bust of a month, I am still in this thing..... crazy nuts.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Gradually Going Green

I am visiting family in Illinois right now. My brother is leaving to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in less then 2 weeks. I will not see him for 2 years, so we are having some concentrated SAM time while we are out here.

If you want to see him opening his call:

If you want to read his blog, click here. But the only thing green about him is the fact that he might use a substantially smaller amount of electricity while he's missioning.

The real reason I am writing is because since I am here in Illinois, I have visited this grand establishment called the Morton Arboretum (named for the Salt peops). It is fabulous...not only for the amount of CO2 it's plants are contributing to the atmosphere, but also for it's very green parking lot. As we were walking out, my mom said: "you should blog about this!" So I am.

Basically, the pavement has holes in it, and below is 4 feet of gravel, which naturally filters the rain water, making it healthy to go back into the natural resources of water surrounding the area. If the water wasn't filtered, it would send harmful chemicals into the water and raise the water's temperature, etc. You can read all about it in the above link.

I think next the Arboretum needs to get one of those ECO-Restrooms. It would fit in SO WELL there.

As for the arboretum itself. All I remember from going as a kid was a whole lot of BORING. And today, 20 years later, it is anything but. Highlights include the Children's Gardens, Secret Stream, Maze, and the sculpture Xanadu. What a wonderful way to spend the day, and the price was right too.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Quote of the Week

Gazing at my daughters strawberries on Sunday morning, I said in a funny voice:
"I wish I could have those strawberries!"

My daughter says: "You can't? Because your fast foods right?"

She meant Fasting. Yes, I was fasting....and on Fast Sunday (the first Sunday of the month), I have the most specific and far-out cravings come from the middle of nowhere. Last week it was:
Strawberry Pocky

Third Person Thursday

Her friend moved to CA a few weeks ago. She packed the truck and flew out with her kids. Her friend's DH waited a little bit to tie up some loose ends, and then got ready to drive cross country with the animals. A dog, a cat, a rat, and a turtle, which her friend wanted to give her animal-loving daughter, but after some careful consideration, she said: NO THANK YOU.

The day arrived for her friend's DH to leave and there was no sign of the cat. He delayed his trip by a day, sleeping on the porch outside, hoping the outdoor/indoor cat would return. No such luck. He had to leave without her.

After a lot of help from the neighbors, signs, grapevine, etc., the cat was located. This is where she comes in.

Her friend asked her to take the cat to the airport so that she could fly home to CA. Sure, why not. She pictured taking the cat with it's carrier, driving up to some building in the cargo area, and dropping her off...something like a McDonald's Drive-thru.

Oh not so.

There is a place at JFK airport called Cargoland (well, she named it that). Just to find Building 67 took about 10 minutes, driving around the outskirts. Once there, she and the little ones and the cat entered a land where no one should have to go. A place with cargo, tar-like dirt on the floors, light bulbs hanging precariously from wires strung across walls; half of them don't work. No one is in a hurry. Nobody even greets the posse, as she enters Cargoland.

Because of the hour, and the anticipated long trek home, she dressed the little one only in pajamas and slippers. She regretted this after just 15 minutes of waiting...when it turned into an hour, life was not good. Yes, it took one hour to fill out 2 sheets of paper. Not because of her. She is still not sure why. She knows that at one point the Cargoland man told her that she should have had the ORIGINAL vet document saying the cat was healthy, not a fax. She was REALLY glad they let that slide, as she tried to prevent the tar-like dirt from permanently embedding in her daughter's slippers.

When everything was all set to go, and her children were crying and crawling up the walls, the Cargoland man detained her for 5 extra minutes so that he could write down a "great bar" that his friend owned, that was near her house. OH my my my.

On the way home, the clouds opened, the rain POURED down on her, followed by the marble-sized hail. It took 45 minutes to go one mile. Another hour later, she had gone a total of 2 miles. During the storm, she never once thought of the fate of the cat. The whole ordeal took about 5 hours. 12 miles there and back, and the drama at Cargoland.

The next morning, her friend called from CA: "Have you heard anything about my cat?" Why? because the cat never arrived.

OH Crikey.

Turns out the flight was cancelled. Duh. However, after a few hours of searching, someone from Cargoland called to inform her that the cat left at a way later flight, and was delayed flying into CA by 7 hours. Oh good, she thought, I do not need to return to Cargoland. MEOW.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

My D-A-D

Happy Independence Day!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


It's just a segment from Runway Moms, but the VIVA! peops are trying to promote their breastfeeding pillow!!!

I found this by accident...


Monday, July 02, 2007

Perfection on a Stick

There is just something about my friend's baby.....I just call her PERFECTION every time I am with her.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

5 years ago today...

It was 100 degrees.

My DH had graduated from University of Maryland. When my baby was 5 weeks old, I went to work full time, and he was her primary caregiver. After the show closed on June 29th, we sold our car, sold our souls to the devil to get the UHaul (I HATE that company), packed our bags and drove to NYC.
On July 1st, we loaded in, with the help of my little brother (then 14 at the time) and the local church peops.

A list of milestones from the past 5 years:
1. Surviving that first summer with 1 air conditioner.
2. Chasing our first giant cockroach around the apartment.
3. Crazy downstairs neighbor lady.
4. Fleeing for our lives on Halloween.
5. Moving to our second NYC apartment at Thanksgiving.
6. My husband getting a job, 4 months after we moved to NYC.
7. Unemployment Adventures.
8. The Subway Flasher.

1. My first NYC theatre job.
2. Little girl turning 1.
3. Meningitis.
4. First (and maybe last) Cruise.
1. Started Modeling.
2. TW3-ABC job.
3. Subway Assault.
4. Husband promoted...first GM car.
1. Baby Girl #2 Born.
2. Runway Moms.
3. DH promoted some more.
4. Charlie, the very unwanted mouse.
2006 & 2007
Read the blog...

The past 5 years have brought us tremendous UPS and DOWNS. Today we look back and thank our Heavenly Father for the many many blessings that He has showered down upon us. MY DH and I are especially grateful for out beautiful, brilliant, energy-sapping-to-complete-exhaustion, exuberant girls. It wouldn't be the same adventure without them. Here's to the next 5 years!

Patchwork Blog

So, it's trial and error time. As you can see now, there are more errors....

I have dates back! YEAH...but they are in RED....ew.

I have commissioned a friend to do a banner for me, and hopefully she can help clean up some of my html probs. She is an expert.

Not sure if you will ever see any of my cartoony items to the right anymore....I will start adding them back in when I get another free moment...

For now, just be patient. I like the green. I have a lot of this color in my house too, so I am drawn to it I guess.