Friday, August 31, 2007

Weird Money

So, strange money things happening.

1. A few weeks ago Knitting Girl emailed me saying she had gotten a coupon in the mail with my face on it. After further research, I realized that a job that I had done several years ago, that had paid to use my image for 3 years, was using it BEYOND that time frame.

I contacted my agent's, and with knitting girl's help, they paid up.

2. My daughter got a check in the mail for a job that she did not do. She was booked on it, but we cancelled the morning of the job because of an extremely high fever, and what turned out to be strep throat. I called the agent, and I am sending it back to them.

3. Last week I got a check for a wrangling job I did in July, and then today I got a check for the same job. I called the company to let them know, and I haven't heard yet if they want me to send it back or rip it up.

The way I see it, I am out $.82 for being honest! Oh, well, I guess I did get a little unexpected bonus too (see #1).

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Wrangling for Graco

This evening I am resting after 3 days of wrangling for Graco in New Canaan, Connecticut.

The first few days we were shooting primarily strollers and carseats with age 4 months to 7 year olds, and moms. Towards the middle of day 2, we had a girl who was 7 who was SO not into riding in a carseat for a photoshoot. She was very concerned about her friends seeing her in a magazine and calling her a baby. Well FYI, you and all your friends should STILL be riding in their carseats, so I'm not sure what that was about.

When she was done, in an effort to make her feel good about her experience, I hopped in the carseat, and the photographer snapped my photo. This created a domino effect. The 3 assistants to the photographer, 3 clients, 2 ad execs, the carseat expert and who knows who else all took a turn getting their photo taken IN the carseat. It was pretty funny.

Today was had a baby that was 7 weeks old. I held that baby for about 20 minutes and decided right then and there to come home and get pregnant. But then I started thinking about who was waiting for me at home, and all their demands: I want juice, I want mac n cheese, I don't want to poop, I don't want to take a nap, I want ice cream, I want a cookie, where's my get the idea......and then I changed my mind. Oh well, at least I get to see baby's at work...get my baby fix.

Overall, this experience was so great because I had previously worked with the stylist, photographer, makeup artist, producer and about half of the models. Including this sweet baby who is now a toddler. I love that I have been in the business long enough now to have repeat peops. It eases so much of the anxiety that can come along with entering a set totally blind, and fitting in with that energy. It was a lovely three days.


IF you see the Oil of Olay commercial, PLEASE tell is

a 15-second spot, for Daily Facial Cleansers. They lather. I have blondish hair that is swept back. No lines...extreme closeups.

I heard a rumor that it has aired...PLEASE help me find it!

Third Person Thursday

She started her day out with a really great workout.

When she opened the door at 7:17 AM, she was met with the hellians she had left. Yes, two little girls who were protesting their CHOCOLATE milk and throwing fits about who knows what exactly.

She struggled through the next several hours. It seemed as if every time she tried to plan something fun, the kids did everything in their power to misbehave.

Once they were both worked up and crying quite a bit for no apparent reason at all, she sent them to their room so that she could think, breathe, and finish some email she was writing.

She was finally ready to face their tear-stained faces.

She sat them down. Every time lil sis cried, she said: SHHH!. Finally lil sis shushed. She then took a breath and gave a good long lecture about behaving, crying, she had planned something great today, what's going on, why are we so upset? yada yada yada.

It ended with this: "Now girls. You have two choices. You can either stay in this apartment all day, OR, we can go to the museum. What will it be? STAY HERE or MUSEUM?"

Lil Sis: "CAKE"

Wrangling for Graco

I'm wrangling RIGHT NOW...check out this super cute baby....we did a little photoshoot together

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I'm It.


I have been tagged. I'll be honest, I have gone 18 months without being tagged, and been FINE with that. I am not a big fan of TAGGING. However, THIS particular tag is apropos because it is my anniversary today. And in that spirit, I choose to tag anyone who is also having an anniversary soon.

Where did you meet your husband?
I met my husband at church, in the Logan Square Ward, in the young single adults Sunday School Class. I actually looked at his scriptures to find out what his name was. I saw his name, and then said my name with his last name, in my head. It was kind of strange that I did that...

He was wearing a vest, which I thought was funny and cute at the same time.

What was the first thing you said to your husband?
I don't know...either Hi or YES...because I don't think he actually spoke to me until a YSA dance, and he asked me to dance, and I said...well, probably, "OK"

Where was the first kiss? First date?
The first date came before the first kiss, thankfully. It was to a restaurant in Chicago, on Southport, which no longer exists, called THE RED TOMATO, (I still have their business card in my wallet...and I intend on framing it some day), and to a movie called Gattica. He called me I think 3 or 4 times the day of the date, to make sure I would like the movie, the time of the movie, the type of food...etc. Endearing. Our first kiss was in my dorm room. I wish we had had a different first kiss. I thought after the first date was too soon. At the same time I was totally impressed with how forward he was about asking me to dance, asking me out AND kissing was a nice change from the dumb intimidated-by-me guys.

Did you have a long or short courtship/engagement?
We dated 5 months, and were engaged 5 months. Short.

Where did you get engaged?

We got engaged at the Buckingham Fountain in Chicago, in February, with snow on the DH expressed how he WOULD kneel in the was pretty frigid...I was totally surprised. He wanted to propose there because he knew it would ALWAYS be there, and we could go back and visit. And we have yet to do so.

Where did you get married?
Chicago, IL temple.

This is us, right after the ceremony. I wore my wedding dress to be married, then changed into this for our wedding luncheon, then changed back into my dress for some pix (like the one at the very top of the post), and then headed to the reception.

How did the reception go?

It was a party. We had it in a large hall on my college campus: DePaul University. It had tall ceilings, and a balcony to throw the bouquet over. We had multiple pies instead of wedding cake. We didn't even eat any, that's how much we were partying and dancing.

How was the honeymoon?
It was our first trip to Boston. By day 2 I had the honeymoon's disease (BLADDER INFECTION), so that was miserable, but we made the best of the city. We have been back since about 4 times, and are in love with that city and each other even more. And we are happy that close to 9 years later we can afford a much nicer hotel then the one we stayed in as poor newlyweds.

This is us, leaving the reception...

And here is us, 9 years later:

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Three Words

It's summer, which means POOR choices in tv viewing.

I watched parts of this show called icaught. This story inspired me.

It's not a video.
And it's not 3 words. But I like it.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Check it out

I have Feminist Mormon Housewives on my blogroll, and I have LOVED this latest topic of HOW I BECAME A MOTHER. I decided to submit to them, and after some edits, my submission was accepted. You can read it here.

Today's Adventure: Bronx Equestrian Center

If you click on this link, you will be taken to the website for the Bronx Equestrian Center at Pelham Bay Park.

That is where we had our adventures today. I entered the address in my navigation system and was taken to a random stretch of road in the Bronx that was NOT the BEC. After calling the number (that I brought JUST IN CASE...thank you very much), and getting a message, I got a more specific location of the very huge Pelham Bay Park...typed THAT into the system and just happened upon it. WEll, it was horses, so it was easy to see and smell.

I don't ride horses much, but when I have had the opportunity, I have observed that the horses were really calm and maybe a little lazy or relaxed while hanging out in their pen.

These horses were riled up. They were twitchy, they were kicking each other with their back legs, and trotting around. They were CITY horses. I was glad I wasn't riding a horse today, because I was a little tiny bit afraid.

We had to wait a few minutes for our pony Roscoe to be brought out, but I was glad because it gave lil sis (who until today has been WAY to scared to ride) a chance to get used to these large, feisty animals. She poked her face through the fence, and when a horse stuck his nose in her face, she pet it, and wasn't scared. I was really proud of her. And then she rode a pony for the first time. It was VERY serious business to fun at all.

The whole experience was really quite brief, and JUST what we needed for this beautiful and fleeting summer morning. NEIGH....

Gradually Going Green

Inspired by this post, I wrapped these presents in fabric:

(Another reusable gift wrap site.)

I am giving them to two little girls whose birthday are one day apart. Their mother is quite the Inventor of clothing, or shall I say, Fashion Designer. Giving them the gift of fabric is great because I know she will follow through with them to make a little something out of it...or she can use it to embellish something that they already own. Or, she can wrap another present in it, because I know she is green too.

And speaking of green. I dedicate this post to her, because for the past few years, she has pledged to only refashion clothing, instead of BUYING NEW. You MUST MUST MUST check out her photo stream, because she has the most creative stuff. I swear, moving FAR FAR FAR away from me has helped her creativity to EXPLODE and I just LOVE seeing her creations. CLICK HERE NOW.

If you don't have time to check it out, here are a few of my faves, but it was hard to choose.

If you would like to make a similar pledge, check out this REFASHION BLOG, and go green through your fashion!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Friday's Adventure: Brooklyn Children's Museum

We went once before, but I really enjoyed the Brooklyn Children's Museum more the second time around. Please click on the link...the song and cityscape are so cool.

The museum is closing its doors in just another week, to complete what looks to be an AMAZING renovation.

For 5 bucks you can go and explore this spacious, clean (relative), curious space for children. They have a play area for the little ones, a greenhouse, a creature corner, coloring stations throughout, a giant TANK full of books and what looks to be a performance space, a vast collection of antique dolls and other toys, binoculars to look at that collection up close from afar, a pizza parlor (big sis' fave), a tunnel of water (lil sis' fave), a musical instrument room, a mini-stage complete with costumes and pull curtain and backdrops...and the list goes on.

On this day the Library was promoting reading, so we even got a few free books and a puzzle. We also touched a boa was scaly.

We took this picture for Aunt Linz, to show her not to be afraid of lizards.

The first time I went, I felt like I had seen it all, but on Friday we didn't even repeat half the stuff we saw last time, and I felt like there was more to discover. I am REALLY looking forward to going back again in the spring, to see the brand new space. If you are in the area, you have one more week to check it out until they are ON-THE-GO, hosting activities at other spots in the city, until their home is complete.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Quote of the Week

My daughters' backpacks arrived yesterday.

As a result, big sis was pretending to go to school a lot. The first time she walked back home from pretend school, I asked: "So, HOW was it?"

Her response: "It was sassifying."

I said; "you mean SaTisfying?"
She said: "Yes, Satisfying. What does Satisfying mean?"

Friday, August 24, 2007

Relax...It's Friday

My daughter had what she calls a "great idea." She went on to describe this somewhat convoluted idea we could do that I somehow figured out was cucumbers on the eyes and face masks. I do have a mask that I use a few times a week after the kids have gone to bed, but I don't do the cucumber-eye thing. I figured she must have gotten this idea from The Disney Channel.

So, we did it. And it was so funny. Lil sis kept raising her eyebrows, I think because she could feel the mask starting to dry on her forehead. They were REALLY concentrating on relaxing. Lil sis, didn't do so well. I tried the cucumbers and it REALLY was relaxing. The feel and the aromatherapy. It reminded me of the ice cold water they had at the Four Seasons...that had cucumbers soaking in it. Refreshing.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Love Affair Continues

My DH and I still say to each other every night....I just love this


And we really do.

1. I love that I have no idea what day is garbage/recycling day.
2. I love that I no longer receive those brown and yellow stickypad UPS notices that say I have missed a package.
3. I love that I have cut-out UPS Truck Hunts from my life (I have literally run them down a handful of times, to get my package)
4. I love that I can take an elevator when I have my hands FULL
5. I love the location of my parking space in the lot.
6. I love that I can roll out of bed, walk down stairs and workout. I have yet to workout while someone else is in there...peace...quiet...watching the squirrels outside on our little patch of grass.
7. I love the post office so close.
8. I love that my mail arrives before 11 AM
9. I love how close I am to the subway.
10. I love that I cannot hear my neighbors, and they cannot hear my noisy children.
11. I love my neighbors. I borrowed to the left's milk, to the right borrowed my foil. Good, I have sharers/ that.
12. I love that there are more new buildings like mine being built close by.
13. I love the breakfast/coffee shop a block away.

Third Person Thursday

Before she starts, she just wants to say: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!"

She decided to go to the mall. Alone. Just herself and the two girls.

She usually tackles the mall with at least her husband, if not another adult friend. She never thought that the mall would be the challenge it turned out to be.

She was on a mission; to style her upcoming shoot for Nuvaring. She had been given specific direction. She had picked out what stores she would go to ahead of time. She had even packed a very yummy lunch, so as not to be distracted by the food court. She thought to herself: "we'll be in and out, we have food, what can go wrong?"

Apparently, everything. Those kids that she sees on holiday in the city streets, whining, crying, making a fuss because they are fish out of water...well those were HER city kids at THE MALL.

She observed other mothers walking peacefully with strollers, cup-holders, iced coffees, shopping bags, enjoying their stay. She wondered what their secret was. Perhaps they and their children are used to THE MALL. Her children acted as if she was torturing them.

After a few hours of frustration, she headed to Nordstrom. In the women's FANCY dress section she lost lil sis. She called her name. She assigned Big Sis to also call her name and look for her. She called her name over and over again, with increasing intensity and mean-mommy tone. She didn't think she had gotten far, but still, she couldn't find her. Panic.

Big sis found her. She ran after her and grabbed little sis, picked her up and gave her a good scolding about how she shouldn't run away, and she should come when she is called, and hiding is not funny, and what if she had been kidnapped and no, no, that was not nice to do to mommy and such.

And lil sis paused. And looked up at her mom, and said... "Peekaboo."

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New Look....Again

So...I am SO not an expert on this blogging crap...stuff..ok...I DO know how to slash through something, which is very fancy....anyway,

When I chose the lovely green blog, I wasn't counting on the website that hosted it to not now I am back to a very minimal blog and I sort of like it, but not the font. Anybody know how to change it in old blogger?

To make it up to you (all the changing and crap, stuff), I have added an embarrassing viewmaster slideshow at the bottom, of some vintage Kristy & Fam photos...swanky! I also got the final version of the banner up at the top.

I am working tomorrow...wrangling, yet I won't be able to respond too quickly to any comments, but enjoy the slideshow and the TPT.


A note on the appearance of the blog:

I don't know what it means for a server to be down, but I believe the website that I got my blog design from, is we'll see...maybe yet ANOTHER new look for the blog will be coming your way. For now, thanks for your patience.

Back to School

Growing up, my mom would drive us out to the Oak Brook Center to purchase new school clothes at the half-yearly sale at Nordstrom (there is no S people). It was always an exciting time, picking out new clothes for a season that felt close yet far away, as we were still tan and wearing shorts.

We knew that the next installment of new clothes would be at Christmas and then our birthdays. This was really the only time of year that we got to pick out stuff ourselves.

It's that time of year yet again, and my daughter and I have done some serious damage. Actually, I think we have done really well. We got lots and lots of clothes at Old Navy-the store that never lets me down...and spent a lot less money then if we had gone to Nordstrom or Bloomies or a boutique in Soho!

The purchases that I am most excited about, but make me the most nervous, are the backpack and lunch box. I fear that my child will get to school and covet another little girl's "cooler" items. However, after much online and in-store shopping, and passing on the I HEART DANCE backpacks and High School Musical 2 tin lunchboxes, I feel really great about our purchases.

I am not a big Lands End shopper, but I thought this backpack was well done. There are too many backpacks out there of the pastel-color variety. NOT practical for the dirty dirty subway. I am hoping this print will last the long year of dirt and grime that it is facing, and that the quality will hold up as well. I purchased the size specifically made for younger children because I don't anticipate her carrying much in it besides her lunch tote and a a few days a week she will also have her violin, so keeping it small is a good idea.

I hope that the lunchbox we bought will also fit the style bill. My daughter picked out this print in the yellow, and I love it because it's GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN.

Lil sis got a new backpack too. She loves elephants, so this one is right up her alley, and on sale with free shipping, you JUST can't beat that.

Here are a few of our fave outfits. We are so happy that there are NO UNIFORMS this will be even MORE like Christmas morning, every morning (I swear that is how my kids act EVERY single's actually a great example to me), now that we have CLOTHES and not a goldenrod, oversized tee shirt and navy sweatpants to look forward to.

Besides school supplies, which I am hoping to get a list for after the first day, I just want to make a trip to the Container Store to pick up a few reusable containers like this one, or these. Trying to cut down on all those ziploc plastic bags that I go through.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Gradually Going Green: Water

I drink a lot of my water from a plastic bottle.

This is because I am usually drinking on the run. I try to at least once a day, stand at my sink, fill up a glass with water from the tap, gulp it down, then fill it up again and drink it a little more gradually....2 gulps....with a few minutes apart. But truthfully, much of my water is consumed OUTSIDE of my house.

I get the cheap bottled water at Costco so that I can throw it in my bag before I leave. I used to have to buy a bottle every time I went out for at least $1.00, so this is my way to conserve $$$. It's less than $5.00 for a flat of waters. And of course, I often recycle the bottles. The few times I don't I feel ok throwing it away because there are several homeless people who make their living on my bottles that they find in the garbage recepticles.

During Edith Stein, I noticed two of my co-actors using reusable water bottles. I have been wanting to use one for a while. Their's looked pretty high tech. I just want one that is cute, easy to clean, and STAYS CLOSED while in the chaos that is MY BAG.

I think I have decided on one of these. SO CUTE. And there are at least 2 locations that I know of here in NYC....I don't have to go all the way to Paris to get one.

After a little more research...

How cute are...




Can I finally get rid of sippy cups?

A few days after writing this post (before posting), I purchased the following:
PINK FLOWERS and DARLING KIDS for big sis...


LITTLE CAT and TEDDY GIRL for lil sis... I know...they are all pink, but they fight over the ONLY pink bowl or ONLY pink plate we have in the house.

and SUNRAY for me. I hope it is just the right size.

And I hope this will RID me of annoying sippy cups....

Faces in my Food

Photo Assignment #4: Faces in your Food

I've never been one to really look for them, but as I was preparing breakfast this morning, a few appeared.

Very serious strawberry man:


Ghost with beauty mark and black eye, pancake:

Monday, August 20, 2007

A sight for sore eyes

Last Friday morning on my commute to the newest installment of Nuvaring Jobs, I spotted a garbage truck with these words:




How I wish I had my camera. How often do you see a business with "& Daughters" in the title? And a Rubbish Removal business at that.

Totally inspired me the rest of the day.

Nuvaring Industrial

I spent a lovely day last Friday shooting an industrial for Nuvaring.

There were pages and pages and pages and pages of copy. THANK GOODNESS I had a teleprompter, and the BEST teleprompter girl in the WORLD...she was excellent at pacing it for me....and SUPER fast with the last minute changes that she had to find and retype. I got to shoot scenes in a giant house in New Jersey...It only took 2 1/2 hours to get home. Thanks for the conversation Tftcarrie.

I had scenes in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, family room, and outside in the yard. During that scene, we were minutes away from a HUGE downpour. I had to stop several times for sound purposes, because the thunder was so loud. We made it inside just as it started dripping, and then a shower like I had not seen since the week before, came pouring down on us. Thankfully the pounding rain did not affect our sound on the inside for the last few pages.

I ended up wearing this outfit:

It was perfect because it looked like the signature, Nuvaring Blue (like the posters you see in the background on Grey's Anatomy), and the shots were all 3/4 so the shorts actually looked like pants.

If you haven't experienced the Nuvaring Website yet, you simply must. If you click here, make sure you click on the little box at the right that says ASK NUVARING.COM. That was seriously the most difficult shoot I had done to date (b/c of content), so I had that out of the way, and was totally fine on Friday. "Vagina" might as well have been "Diet Coke with Lime", THAT'S how comfortable I was with saying it over and over and over again.

I spent so much time thinking about Nuvaring on Friday, that the Orgenan peops will be happy to know that I have just about convinced MYSELF that I should try it. Wouldn't that be funny if it DIDN'T work for the Nuvaring girl? Well, funny for the whole world, but not for me. Let Freedom Ring.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Yesterday's Adventure: Southampton

I don't know if it is the case EVERYWHERE, but certainly here in NYC, we hear a LOT about the Hamptons. We decided we needed to check it out.

We drove to the village of Southampton, in just about 2 hours. The traffic going to the Hamptons becomes 1 lane, so that was the only part that was slow. We walked around this quaint little East Coast, Beach town. We saw a wide variety of little shops: Kids Boutique, Bookstore, Fudge Shop, clothes, gifts, etc. We found a memorial park next to some water and had some sandwiches from a local deli, and swung on the swings. After about 2 hours in the village, and one VERY tired toddler, we got back in the car and decided to explore this TINY strip of land where all the BIG houses are.

On our walks and drive we found a lot of nature, and some ginormous houses/compounds. Many were hidden by bushes, but others, we could see the tops of, towering over the nature.

There was also the occasional, abandoned building....very strange to see among the substantial beach houses around this tiny strip. Made me a little scared for them, with the crazy global warming happening...will this little strip of land survive?

All in all, the Hamptons were nice, clean, close to the water, beautiful in climate and crowded. I counted 6 African Americans, and all the Latinos that I saw were in the Laundromat, or nannies. This I didn't like. I enjoy my diversity people, and the Hamptons were very white. So, I'm not sure if it will be my vacation spot, but it was nice to see another part of New York, and a different culture all together.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Condo Adventures: The List

My husband would REALLY appreciate it if I would stop making purchases in the name of the new condo, and instead depost my earnings as double-mortgage payments or invest it in more Johnson & Johnson already.

And, I promise, someday soon, I will be handing over more and more of the earnings, but there are just a few more teeny, tiny items floating around in my brain for the condo. They are non-essentials...but items that I desire, and would one day like to obtain.

Item #1:
I am dreaming about a giraffe for my office wall, the one right behind where I sit and blog. This bare, white wall needs a friend, and photos or other wallhangings is not that friend. It needs one of these giraffes, probably in one of the green prints...maybe 0046. I just LOVE this idea. It's HIGH on the list of desires.

Item #2: I have this little space of wall that I originally thought about putting a mirror on, but then I saw these Mod Pods, and the idea of a pet fish has been swimming in my head EVER SINCE. I have had pet fish(es) on and off since I was about 12. I haven't had one for about 4 years now. I love a creative way to display a pet fish too. My only issue with this, is that most of my betta's pass away from jumping out of the bowl...and I would not want to find mine on the floor, having not only jumped out, but also fallen to his death...a very long way. Oh well, I guess I'll get over it.

Item #3:
I am still waiting to find inspiration about the lighting in my front room. I still just have two CFL's jutting out of the ceiling. I saw these AWESOME light fixtures at Potbellys in Naperville...but that's a restaurant, and no one working there knew where I could find them to purchase. I also found some cool ones at Chiasso, but I don't see them there anymore. So, light fixtures are on the list too.

Item #4:
The Painting. Yes I still want a custom-painting, a la these prints from Orange Willow. I need to get in contact with the artist again and make a plan.

So, I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Today's Adventure: Chelsea Waterside Park

The little bug had a casting today for Ralph Lauren. It was nice to go and meet a few of the peops there that have tried to hire me to wrangle in the past, and to see a few friendly faces from jobs gone by.

After the casting, we walked by a park that I keep meaning to take the kids to, but they are never with me when I pass it. BUT, today they were, so we spent a good hour at the Chelsea Waterside Park. It was perfect for the kids because it had the interesting and challenging climbing apparatus for big sis, and the water and sand for little sis.

Since it was Ralph Lauren, lil sis was dressed in her full Easter dress we stripped her of her dress, cardigan and Sunday shoes (when getting dressed this morning she asked if we were going to nursery (the name for the baby's part of church), and I said no, just a casting), and off she went, having SO MUCH fun in only her pull-up. I swear it was better than the beach.

We topped it off with hotdogs for all, and then enjoyed a quiet afternoon of school shopping. Ugh.

Third Person Thursday

She read the casting email: Red Campaign / GAP. Billboard in Times Square.

"They seriously think I would be cast in a GAP campaign for a Billboard in Times Square?", she thought. She really didn't think so. She went to the casting anyway. She decided instead of looking all Red Campaign/Bono/Gap edgy, that she would just be HERSELF. Maybe the very pure version of her, not the girl trying to fit a mold for a casting her, would stand out more. She didn't even wear much makeup...just concealer, powder, cheeks and mascara. No brows, no shadow, no liner, glossy lip.

She got on the elevator with the posse and two beautiful, straight from Nigeria (or someplace incredibly exoctically Africa), model girls followed. Oh crap. There she was in her wide leg Gap trousers and loose fitting blue t-shirt, and her kiddies, and there they were in all of their RED Campaign Perfection. She wasn't really feeling the Red Campaign THANG.

She walked in....Hallmark was posted everywhere. What? Was she in the wrong place? She approached the casting assistant and said: "Is this for the Red Campaign?" YES! Hallmark is now partnering with RED too! Oh, what a relief, she thought...especially since she just did the Hallmark job a few weeks ago, and she was wearing the same pants as the assistant...good sign.

She waited for a bit, and there was a familiar face taking the photos and video in the casting: Michelle from Kansas City Hallmark headquarters! Her spirits started to soar! Her agents DID know what they were doing after all. She took a bunch of shots while holding an envelope, and her little one tried to steal scissors from the desk, be IN the shot with her, and crunched loudly on her snack. The older one then decided to run in front of the camera as she was trying to gather the posse to go out the door. She was not happy about that behavior, and gently explained what being professional meant. She was pretty sure that won't be the last time she has to explain that particular...expectation.

She hit one more casting, this time for big sis and her, and then they filled their pockets with skittles and M & M's and headed home for a nice long summer nap.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Gradually Going Green

This week on G3:

I first saw this on Sara Snow's show, but now there is a teeny tiny post about it on my favorite neighborhood blog: RIVER POWER. I hope those turbines can help us out. It has been a HOT coned bill reflects this. Gulp.

This week I realized that I am green in yet another way. Ever since I got the dreaded hair extensions last year, I had no choice but to STOP washing my hair everyday. Those puppies were just a rat's nest waiting to happen, so it was impossible to wash every day, plus blow-drying for two hours (NOT green), could not possibily happen more than once a week.

After I got them out, I was so used to washing my hair every three days or so, that I just kept doing it. I love it because my hair looks better usually the second day, my daily showers are cut down to minutes, and I am saving water.

I couldn't have done that back in the day when I had this hair and slopped it up with bedhead stick every morning...but now, washing my hair every 2 or 3 days works just fine!

This week was the first time that I took ALL my groceries home in reusable bags. Finally remembered. Whoosh....progress people. Both in the green AND the hair department.

A Vote.

I have the rare opportunity of styling my shoot on Friday.

It is a DVD that doctors can give to their patients, to learn more about a certain birth control that I am affiliated with. And after a very quick gloss over of the script, you won't be dissappointed...I get to say urethra, vagina and anus all in one breath. Oh, and as I read on, did I mention: intercourse, sperm, expandable, fallopian tubes, cervix, and a whole section entitled: The Vagina Revealed. Can't wait to read that....

Anyway, vote on your faves: They requested a successful business woman, in her home on a Friday morning, in her casual clothes, think Banana Republic:


When you vote, first state the group and then the letter....

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Photo Assignment #3

Superhero's assignment this week:

Photograph a heart that appears on your path.

Well, I don't know if this is EXACTLY what Superhero had in mind, but my little one did approach me, wearing this heart bracelet of mine, that used to belong to my grandma. I did not stage it.

The next object she brought me was a silver bracelet with a heart charm, and then a gold necklace with a heart locket. All from different places in the apt...right in a row. Weird. I guess Andrea was right when she wrote: "The entire collection is totally magical and proof that we find what we are looking for (or expect to see) out there in the world."