Sunday, September 30, 2007

My Loves September

My Loves for September:

Hopping during dinner.
Doing a good job conducting during Church.
Supporting me in doing the church singing job.
Helping me with the lost key situation in the Hamptons.
Suggesting we set up the tent INSIDE the house, after the camping fiasco.
Telling the girls you are a good person and need to be treated nice.
Looking for the Oreos.
Not getting upset when you knew that the tire was my fault.
Beatboxing....Big Sis was fascinated.
Always helping me make the budget work.
Participating in self-assigned Couples Therapy with me, I know how you love it so.
Waiting for me to come home to watch The Office and My Name is Earl.
Working so hard for us day in and day out.
Supporting me with my auditions and chaos.

Big Sis:
Being so brave when you got your ears pierced.
Choosing to wear a bun in your hair on Sunday for maximum earring views.
Getting through your first week of kindergarten, tears and limping and all.
Your excitment about camping.
Helping your sister at the Heckscher Playground.
Wanting to drink hot cocoa and watch Annie.
Your face when your hair and makeup was done on the 3 generation job. Standing in front of the model Sheila to get a compliment from her.
Singing into the High School Musical Karaoke Microphone.
That intricate song you made up with your Halloween costume on.
Your genuinely anguished tears when you knew the camping trip wasn't going to happen.
Your question after school, everyday as we pass the ice cream truck, strategically parked outside the school: "We're not getting ice cream right?"
Reading Boxcar Children with you.

Lil Sis:
Saying not "YES", but "Yes, Sir" to me all day on Sunday: "Yessir, Mommy!"
Drawing all over your belly and running through the house:"SUPER MAN!"
Drawing on the walls...well...I wasn't happy with that, but man it took guts!
The jumping dance that you did at the bottom of the slide.
Nose kisses.
Ranting and Raging and Yelling.
You at the photoshoot....holding hands with the big kids, running in the grass.
Singing in the High School Musical Microphone.
Wearing parts of my and daddy's halloween costumes, and acting like those characters.
Showing your muscles.
Singing "Master of the House" with me sans bad words.
Protesting the drinking of your milk EVERY morning.
Walking and Climbing the Stairs around the city, you are getting really good at it now.
Your kisses and hugs...they are the best.

Saturday's Adventure: Ragamuffin Parade

On Saturday, the Full Glass Posse, and "Crazy Uncle S" marched together in the 41st Annual Ragamuffin Parade.

I love free community events in the city. I love being one speck in the myriad of specks that comprise a landscape of art. Yesterday we were eye candy for all those that came out to march and watch the Ragamuffin Parade. And we got to see lots and lots of eye candy in others. The costumes that came out for the Ragamuffin Parade were so creative and inspiring. I wish I could have taken and published more pix, but I picked a few of my favorites here.

The girls went as Super-O and a Bride. I thought this bride looked a little Cyndi Lauper with her black boots and blue eye shadow. She even made her own bouquet out of markers, pipe cleaners and paper towels. I was a chef, with my very cute apron. J and Crazy Uncle S dressed up as burrows. Way to represent guys. By the way, S, cool of you to join us.

2 of my favorite Dads were dressed up as an Organ Grinder and a monkey, and Noah with his shopping cart, I mean, arc full of beanie babies and 2 real live babies dressed up as a Chicken (seated in a bumbo) and a frog (seated in the front). I thought his hair and beard looked like bubbles. I hope he dons the same getup and races in the Idiotard early next year. We loved this little dog dressed up for the parade too.

I loved the homemade costumes. So creative. So cute. Just LOVED all the effort that people put into them. Some other faves not pictured: box of crayons, a gameboy, cell phone, and coffin(?) big enough to put two live mummies in.

It was a really fun day marching in the Bay Ridge Community...straight to the bridge. And it got me really excited for Halloween.

More Pix

Friday, September 28, 2007

How's Your Knitting Coming?

Love Scarf Project

I am almost done with this scarf. I got the knitting needles and the yarn at the soup n swap a few weeks ago. I want the scarf to be really long, and I think I can do that and still have enough to make a good fringe. I have been getting reports that projects are coming to don't forget to email me about your scarf so that I can tell you where to send it: kristy at kristyglass dot com.

Thanks for your hard work on this project! It's for a good cause.

Quote of the Week

Missionary on the Phone: We are calling to invite you to attend a baptism after church. And could you please bring some cookies for refreshments afterward?

Husband: Sure.

Missionary on the Phone, as prompted by missionary in the background: And more specifically, could your wife please make her homemade oreo cookies?

Husband: Well, she's really busy, but I will see what I can work out for you.

My response: Beggars Can't be Choosers..........ok fine.....I'll make them.

Simple and SINFUL

I got this recipe from my friend, I cannot take any credit, except for the innovation of using light cream cheese and adding sugar to taste.

Title: Simple and Sinful

Homemade Oreo Cookies

2 chocolate cake mixes, i use devils cake mix
4 eggs
3/4 c. oil

Mix until until moist, roll into balls as close in size as possible. Bake 350 for 8-10 min. I keep them on the tray for about 1 min so that they'll flatten out a bit.


8 oz cream cheese, keep it out to soften it.
2- 2 2/3 c. powdered sugar- The less the better but you need it pretty thick or the cookies will fall apart. I usually try to keep the frosting cool and then put the cookies in the fridge so that I don't have to use as much sugar.

I used only about 1 3/4 I guess add sugar to taste

Number Of Servings:2-3 dozen

Preparation Time:1 hour in total

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Third Person Thursday

She had the day free.

Well, her days are never completely free. Actually, she had to devote a good portion of her day to a volunteer opportunity for her daughter's school. Her goal: to obtain as much FREE STUFF from neighborhood businesses as possible. The free stuff would act as incentives for the children during their month-long fundraiser. BTW, if anybody needs any magazines or wrapping paper, let her know!

Her travels found her at a variety of cool places. She did not know that her favorite bakery also had a location on the Upper West Side just a few short blocks from her daughters new school. Oh no. SO ACCESSIBLE. DANGEROUS. She stopped by to purchase some gift cards for the kids there (not free), in hopes that they would throw in some freebies, and of course she could not leave without her favorite chocolate cupcake with pink buttecream frosting. Heaven. Seriously. Every BITE. And only $1.85.

Since she ate the cupcake, she needed to devise a way to work it off. She picked up her kindergartner and then pushed both kids in the single stroller (seriously, it's just going to FALL APART some day soon for the abuse it has endured), about 13 short blocks. That was all the workout she and the cupcake was hard work. During the brief/long walk the kids were getting restless so she devised a game. As they walked down 8th Avenue she instructed them to start finding the cabs with flowers on them. There is a new Urban Art Project going on called Garden in Transit....way cool, which includes Flowers on Cabs until December.

They spotted SO MANY. Turns out 8th Avenue is FULL of cabs. After a while they began counting. Even later that night as they looked down on the streets from the roof, they could still see them, and were still counting. They must have seen at least 50 yesterday.

Their destination was the Corporate Offices of DC Comics. Her friend works there and gathered some toys and books for her as a donation. It was some great stuff. Visiting the office was so fun. They saw Christian Bale's Bat suit on display. Her girls got to ride in a little miniature coin-operated batmobile, and seeing her friend's extensive She-Ra collection was just enough to make her entire day. She thinks she might need to get the posse some Princess of Power Items.

She loves New York for the endless treasures it on cabs? Come on....does it get any better? Don't answer that.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Edith Stein Recording

If you missed seeing it, there is now a recording available.

My favorite scene to perform in the "opera" was as Hannah....and in the scene that I have put up on my website, Hannah has gone crazy. It is difficult to understand all the words, but basically, she is telling Edith a story through song about a boy who was drowned in a public place for being Jewish. The lines that follow are Hannah talking to Edith through the veil at the Catholic Convent...and Hannah is basically at her wits end.

They recorded this scene about 4 different times, and I am pretty sure this was my favorite version...but it's been a month, so maybe my memory fails me. Oh, and in case it wasn't clear, I played Hannah. So, it's me singing and speaking!

Check it out here, click on CLEAN WHITE BIRD.

My bulletin board

This is what I stare at while I harrass people via email: "Where's my money?", check my bloglines, return crazy hair fan-email, pay my Bloomingdales credit card bill, shop on amazon, and BLOG.

The metal you see on the wall on either side, is part of my shelving unit from Container Store, seen here in a more chaotic moment, right when we moved in:

A quote that I added since this photo:

"When you look back on a lifetime and think of what has been given to the world by your presence, your fugitive presence, inevitably you think of your art, whatever it may be, as the gift you have made to the world in acknowledgment of the gift you have been given, which is the life itself...That work is not an expression of the desire for praise or recognition, of prizes, but the deepest manifestation of your gratitude for the gift of life."
-Stanly Kunitz

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Les Miserables on Broadway

There are certain fantasies one has as a young girl growing up in the musical theatre of them includes the musical Les Miz and just which part you would be perfect for...

Do I want to sing the pure and high stuff as Cosette? Can I hit the low notes of Fantine and Eponine? Which is the most thrilling death scene? Etc.

As a young girl in the musical theatre you revisit these songs again and again because they are just GREAT songs and GREAT roles....and you imagine what it would be like to play them on broadway.

And then you get that call from The Casting Director (the call that comes 2 to 4 times a year) and this time you hear the words: "Audition for Les Miz" and you revisit those moments in your youth and wonder...what material YOU get to sing for the producers of Les Miz on Broadway....

Ensemble Role (fine, I'll take it, frankly, I will sweep the floors)...understudying....Madame T. ?

Confusion sets in.

I ask: The lady with the big boobs? B/c in my state (I have a cold) I cannot think of the words, Master of the House, or Beggers Waltz...or whatever it is called...and it is confirmed, yes THAT role.

And I am stunned. Never in my wildest imaginations have I even let those notes/words cross my mind. And now I am in my bathroom practicing because 1. I don't want my children repeating the words @#$@# and !@##@$ and !@#$, and 2. because I am just plain scared of this material. And I am trying to make a tall skinny Madame T funny. As for my boobs, well, to my knowledge there is no contraption OUT THERE that could push up absolutely nothing, so everybody's got to be down with my not-so-there chest.

On Saturday, I went to see the Matinee of the show and it was very beautiful and moving. I hadn't seen it in about 10 years or so, and it was my firs time seeing it on Broadway, and any actor would give their wisdom teeth at least to be in it, including me...I'd give my knee caps too, if that wouldn't impede my ability to perform of course.

So, this afternoon I had the audition. I sang Madame T, and the response in the room was: "Good for you!" Which to my thinking can only mean: "Yeah, you will NEVER be Madame T, but thanks for being completely and utterly vulnerable in front of us and singing material that couldn't be more wrong for your voice and body type...have a nice day." And you know what, I did have a nice day. I really did.

Gradually Going Green: Parking Day

So far, I think this is only happening in the SF area....

It's Park(ing) Day. I first read about it here. And of course forgot about it until it was celebrated again this year. What a terrific idea! Anybody see one? Anybody have more links? pix?

I am fascinated.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Two Bodies, One Brain

This is what we used to say about my little brother and sister, who are 22 months apart.

My friend captured the girl's in a 2 bodies, one brain moment:

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Quote of the Week

Lil Sis says to the man with the pot belly:

"Is that a baby?"
After his dumbfounded look, I say:
"No honey, just cookies."

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Friday Night's Adventure: First Camping Trip

My church started organizing a camping trip about one month ago and my husband and I were not jumping on the bandwagon of participation.

Even though we had both camped in the past, we are not "nature" people...except when it comes to recycling and such. We discussed it briefly and decided we would let this one go without participating.

Then one Sunday afternoon our daughter came home from church SO excited about the Church's Camping Trip. They had announced it in her primary class. Oh no. We explained that we might not be able to go because we don't have supplies like tents and sleeping bags and lanterns. She gave us the Pussycat Eyes (from Shrek 2) and said in her bestest most pathetic voice: "But mom, I NEED to see a forest!"

Right then and there we decided to go camping. However, she had to earn it. We designed a violin practice chart for my daughter that led up to THE CAMPING TRIP. She was MORE excited about planning for it then the first day of school. Last weekend we bought our supplies (tents, sleeping bags, flashlights) on sale at the Sports Authority and I spent ALL DAY on Friday packing the car and purchasing the food for our trip.

On the way to picking up friends and my husband (he was meeting at our friends house), I had to take my mom to the airport and get gas. I got the gas at the corner gas station. The entrance was blocked by other cars, so I had to drive over the curb to get to the pump. After we filled up we dropped my mom at the airport drop off, and that's when I noticed that the front left tire had low pressure. I looked at it and it still looked okay to drive on, so I made it to my friends house.

When I turned onto their street with a high-pitched skid sound, I knew our camping trip was doomed. The tire was F-L-A-T. And after about an hour and a half of putting the spare on only to drive two blocks and find out there would be no fixing the tire until at least the next day, we called off the camping trip. Apparently the curb-driving was the cause of the irreparable tire.

Oh....the....tears. Our daughter was more upset then I had seen her in quite some time (ok, since the myserious leg limp at kindergarten), and we felt so bad. We drove home with promises of campouts in the family room. When we got to our building and the super was helping us unload he was offering us his beach house on the spot, he felt so bad for the girls.

We made the best of it...set up our sleeping bags and camping chairs, turned the lights off and only used flashlights, and still ate our hotdogs and smores. It was pretty fun, until our next door neighbors decided to PUMP their music until 3 am when I had to politely ask them to please turn it down, we are having a campout already.

Friday, September 21, 2007

3 Generations

Yesterday my mom participated in her first professional photoshoot. She was a pro.

We LEFT our apt. at 5:39 AM to arrive in Warwick, NY at 7:05 AM. Our calltime was 7, so we did pretty well with our timing. The drive up was beautiful. I wish it was just a few weeks later in the season so that we could see the leaves turning colors. On our way up we passed the Sterling Renaissance Fairgrounds which looked like so much fun. I bookmarked it as an adventure for next summer.

The day was a long one, but very fun. We frolicked in fields of long grass, took photos with pretend family members, a grandma and grandpa, a cousin, a husband for me, other children....lots of different combinations of beautiful people, are pretending to be related. The only other related models were a pair of brothers from Brooklyn.

We met some chickens, horses, cats and a dog...which often happens when you shoot on a farm. The girls were so well behaved and good to go the entire day. My mom was a trooper when she had to wear a wool sweater in the 80 degree heat.

One of my favorite things about the shoot is the way the photographer would just unexpectedly call out my little one's name across the property. He shot her a LOT yesterday, as she was the token cutie patootie on set (except for when she had diarrhea out her pullup and into her shoes).

I hope that I get a chance to snag some photos from the shoot, I plan on being quite persistent about it...but for now here are a few pix that I took:
It was cold in the mountains at 7 AM:

Mom getting her makeup done by Jaysterling:

The photographer's elbow, as he took photos of my mom and the kids

This is lil sis with her pretend Dad, as they contemplated fishing.

This is actually a crop of a photo that I took of one of the frames, as it was up on the MAC I cropped it to protect copyrighting etc.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Third Person Thursday

Her daughter wanted a race.

The entire Glass Posse raced to the front door, past the doorman onto the elevator. While it went up, her daughter instructed that they would then race from the elevator to the front door, a 12 foot distance. The Posse stood at the elevator door just WAITING for it to open so that they could take off.

She secretly pushed a floor 3 below where they lived. The door opened. The posse pushed out. She stayed on and frantically pressed DOOR CLOSE.

As she ascended, alone in the elevator she heard it:
And then:

The door opened and with her haste she struggled with the key, but made it in: shoes off, sitting in the comfortable chair, feet up, eyes closed.

A few seconds later the Posse crowded in, this time accusing her to her face. Her reply: "What took you so long?"

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Mine is here. And just in time, because I am feeling sick. I am hoping she will make me some chicken soup tomorrow, even though it's HER birthday.

Why is she here? Well, actually, she is modeling with US! It is a 3-generation photoshoot in Westchester County. We are SO excited about the opportunity, and of course to just make a memory together. Hurrah.

Wrangling for Parents

When I look at the cover of December 2007 Parents Magazine, I will always remember my heroic act of bravery on set yesterday.

Okay, so it wasn't really heroic or brave, but it's as close as you get being a wrangler.

Since we were shooting for December, it was Christmas all day today. One little girl was standing next to the Christmas Tree, and I heard this mysterious noise that I couldn't place. A few seconds later I heard again, but this time it was accompanied by the tree falling down. The noise was the trunk of the tree, falling out of the styrofoam holding it up in a pot (love that idea in lieu of a tree skirt btw!). Yes, I saved a child from being smothered by a falling Christmas Tree.

I apologized to Props for not saving their beautifully-adorned tree, but I am pretty sure I made the right call. If I was REALLY good, I would have been able to CATCH the tree, whilst blocking it from the child.

In all, the children were really good today. The styling was really sweet and modern...I of course wanted to take EVERYTHING home for my girls, but alas, I would not have made any money today if I had done that. I definitely had a buns and thighs day. A few babies were just ON, THE, it was up and down QUITE a bit. And of course I always love chillin' with my fave makeup artist. And I also enjoyed catching up with a Runway Mom Season 2 mom, Natasha, and her gorgeous baby girl, who was modeling today.

After work I headed straight for BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT. It was only 3 long blocks East and 36 blocks north of where I was, so of course I decided to walk it (my new mantra: EAT LESS MOVE MORE-The moving more part is going well). I just happened to walk by my fave popcorn place, so 36 blocks worth of New Yorkers saw me STUFF my face while I walked...I am pretty sure the walking and the eating were a perfect cancellation of each other. It was a yummy day yesterday.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Practicing Their Yoga Breathing:

Monday, September 17, 2007

Gradually Going Green: Soup N Swap

This past Saturday my peops at church had a Soup N Swap. Come, Eat Soup, Bring your Junk, Take home other people's junk. You get the idea.

I was most excited about my sToup, as Rachael Ray calls it, because I vowed to only bring stuff, NOT swap it. I made Rachael Ray's Hungarian Sausage Stoup.

MMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....SO good. I love a good lentil soup. The sausage didn't bother me in this, but I think next time I might try it vegetarian-style. Even my girls liked it...

As for my stuff...well I am a clean-out-aholic. One of my friend's reminded me that one May I was cleaning out and found my cake pans and thought: "Well, when am I EVER going to make cake?" and I threw them out. I forgot that birthdays happen EVERY year. All of ours are 3 months in a row, so I guess they were all over and I figured, let's toss the cake pans. The moral of that paragraph is that I wasn't sure I would have much to donate, but as you can see from the photo, I had about 4+ bags worth. REUSE! Gotta love it!

I ended up coming home with what I thought were very wise "purchases". I went wearing my rain boots, and found a new pair that I really needed simply because my old rainboats are not flexible enough in the ankle-area, and these pink ones were. I just put them on, and left my old rainboots in their place. I then found some discarded yarn that I quickly picked up in the name of the Love Scarf Project, along with a set of needles, in the name of learning to knit more complicated items in the future....

There was a yellow rain jacket for the wee one that I HAD to have, b/c we always need raingear and I hate buying it....and a few pair of brand new curious george panties for the girls, that were totally vintagey looking. And finally a skirt and shirt that I really don't need, but will make some cute pieces to freshen up my wardrobe. In all, I came home with A LOT less than what I came that was good times.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Saturday's Adventure: Queens County Fair

Ever since I went to the Maryland State Fair back in 2001, I have loved the fair.

I haven't been to a State Fair since, but I have my eyes on New Jersey's next year. NY is too far away to do in a day. I will have to research Connecticut too.

Anyway, to get my fair fix, I took the ENTIRE Posse (along with a few friends) to the Queens County Fair.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The pace was slower, sky bluer, and grass greener. There was a wide range of live music, from a country band as we walked in, to a traveling-on-stilts vaudeville-ish band, to a jazz band. We met a New York State Senator, and a man who was QUITE passionate about worms, even offering us a free cup of worms to take home to put in the garden. Whoops, sorry, we have no garden.

We headed into the agricultural and livestock tents to see the ribbon winners. I had secretly hoped to enter something in the arts and crafts arena, but didn't quite get my act together...maybe next year.

My top two favorite moments of the day:
1. I volunteered my husband to help with the Jumping Frog Show (SOUNDS way cooler than it actually was). He brought lil sis up to assist him with what the MC was calling the slow frog. The MC asked her her name and she said it in the microphone, and then when he asked her her Dad's name, her reply was the same. I love this photo of her being so brave:

When she spied the turtle in the bucket before we did, she was a little scared, but quickly warmed up to the goal of pushing the turtle to the red finish line. They were so cute together up there.

2. Watching Big Sis' face on the one ride that I allowed her to go on:

And of course, it's always fun to see the animals at the fair. I thought this guy looked a little uncomfortable.

This chicken dude was strutting about and lil sis just came right up to him and pet him on the head. He didn't like it so much.

The snake guy was pretty passionate about his Boa. She was really well-behaved too. I like the dainty petting-action going on here:

All in all it was a great fair. We saw the Gizmo Guys, and ate Corn Dogs and overall had a wonderful afternoon.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

NYC Stuff

Updated NYC Stuff....

September 2007
Atlas Park Mall
Crayola Factory (Day Trip from NYC)
Queens County Farm Museum ~ Queens County Fair

August 2007
Broadway in Bryant Park: Spring Awakening, Wicked, Color Purple, Fantasticks
Seussical, the Musical: Lucille Lortel Theatre
Chelsea Waterside Park
Bronx Equestrian Center
Brooklyn Children's Museum

July 2007
Delivering Cat to Delta Cargo
Strange Fruit-Free Concert at Grace Plaza
Bryant Park Carousel and Reading Room
Harry Potter Book 7 Party: Scholastic Bookstore
Green Market LIC, first time

June 2007
Took our first pedicab. From 59th & 5th Ave to 54th and Lex. SO much fun...
Free concert at Madison Square Park: Dirty Sock Funtime Band
Renegade Craft Fair: Brooklyn
Southstreet Seaport Children's Day
Bronx Zoo

May 2007
Ebony Black: We took the kids to see this children's theatre production. It was a NYC, modern-day take on Snow White. It was entertaining and the kids loved it. It was performed in an art gallery at the Southstreet Seaport, so it that was a nice added bonus, to spend our time looking at local artist's work while we waited for it to start.

After that, the girls and I headed over to CBS Midwifery to a party to celebrate their 25th Anniversary. The party was really fun. It was interesting to meet other babies delivered by Barbara, our very amazing, skilled, talented, awe-inspiring and not to mention stylish and fabulous-at-whatever-age-she-is MIDWIFE.

April 2007
DMV Express at Herald Square-The fastest I have EVER been to
Emerging Artists Theatre-did a reading of a one-woman show
Dachshund Spring Fiesta @ Washington Square Park

March 2007
Mt. Sinai Idol at Kidzone at Mt. Sinai Hopsital on the Upper East Side

February 2007
Brooklyn Children's Museum. It was under construction when we went, so I am really excited to see how much better it will be upon it's completion. It's one of the better children's museums I have been to, and most importantly, my kids loved it. The highlight: The most ginormous albino pithon I have ever seen.

January 2007
Brooklyn Museum: Saw the Annie Leibovitz and Ron Mueck exhibits.

These are a few photos of the Mueck exhibit. This newborn baby is simply amazing to behold. It is probably 20 feet long and 4 feet high. The detail is amazing. All of his stuff is a sight to behold.

Big Apple Circus I am not a fan of the circus. I saw the Ringling Bros. a few years ago and did not love it. The Big Apple Circus is different because it is small, intimate, and back to basics circussing. The clowning is brilliant, and everything seems human-produced as opposed to a bunch of special affects.

Sicis: The Art Factory. This amazing new store in Soho, I just happened upon, has gorgeous mosaics.

November 2006
Tuckaberry Productions: Kip, The Enchanted Cat. We went to see a little children's theatre production in a black box in Brooklyn. It was high quality theatre for big and small people alike.

October 2006
Okay, this isn't exactly the city, but it is Long Island. We went to White Post Farm to pick out pumpkins. It is a really great farm with lots to do: feed animals, pick a pumpkin, hay ride, playgrounds, food, and karaoke.

And speaking of karaoke, we karaoked in Koreatown at Gagopa...our third time back there in the past few years.

September 2006
Virgil's Barbecue @ Times Square is convenient and yummy.

Boston, MA. Again, not NYC, but so close to NYC (a 4 hour drive), that you have to go at least once a year. This year we went in September.

FAO Schwarz. We end up stopping by here a few times a year because our Dad works in the same building as this humongous toy store/destination. And an added bonus...they are the exclusive carriers of EEBEE stuff.

August 2006
NYC Aquarium. This was a really great aquarium...lots to look at...just the right size for toddlers with little attention spans. Our favorite part were the seals and walrus under-water viewing areas....this one seal kept trying to make friends with the baby.

Queens Zoo The day we went in September, the animals were a little quiet, but the grounds are so well-kept and beautiful and natureey, that it was still a good time.

Central Park is so close and so beautiful, but the kids and I only stopped by a few times this past summer. One of those times we went to this awesome re-vamped playground/park called Hecksher.

Time Warner Building. We stop by here quite a bit. It has a whole foods downstairs where you can get a little lunch, and it has really nice bathrooms so we usually make a stop to do that as well. We usually stop by Borders, Sephora, William Sonoma and J CREW as well.

July 2006
Mt. Sinai Children's Hospital

Robert Moses Beach

Taino at Athena Park. We saw a little children's concert for one of our playgroups. There are concerts every Tuesday morning in the summer at Athena Park.

June 2006
Picnic at Astoria Park

May 2006
Astoria Playground

March 2006
Queens Museum of Art

Other years
Brooklyn Easter Egg Hunt
Laurie Concert
Statue of Liberty
Central Park Zoo
Bear Mountain
Stew Leonards
Today Show: Laurie Berkner
Jones Beach
Madison Square Park Concert Series

Friday, September 14, 2007

Knitting Time- Love Scarf Project

I am not quite ready to start my OWN Love Scarf Project.

However, I would love to lead a group of Posse Readers in the Love Scarf Movement, and donate to the Love Scarf Project that is open for business in Sunny Orange, CA.

I'll be honest, I have no idea how many readers I have. I used to have a counter on this site, but no longer. So, since I don't know how many readers I have, AND I don't know how many of you is difficult to set a goal of how many the Glass Posse Blog can I will just offer up a few statitistics of what the LSP collected last year, and perhaps we can make pledges of what we will contribute in the comments.

Scarves: FINAL COUNT for 2006 = 89
Caps: FINAL COUNT for 2006= 27

I feel as if the Glass Posse Readers can contribute to the final count for 2007 by quite a bit. I am pledging right now to make 3 scarves. I made 2 last year (I think), so I am upping it to 3. So far I have about a 1/4 of one done. (I knit it on stage during Edith Stein!)

Please help me to support a great cause, and get your needles have about 3 months to work on it, and I will let you know where to send them when you email me your final count:

Oh, and PLEASE spread the word AND THE LOVE!

Gradually Going Green: Cleaning Products

Here are some of the cleaning products that I have started using, that I think are just great:

Greening the Cleaning

Seventh Generation All Purpose Cleaners

Method Tub and Tile Spray

Almond Floor Cleaner. I don't use this for the big cleaning job, just the little spots that happen between cleanings.

Method also has a starter kit on their website for about $28.00 that is a great gift for the new home owner, or for yourself if you recently moved and didn't take the stash of cleaning products with you.

For my major floor cleanings I have always loved Murphy's Oil Soap, and I am pretty sure it is that excites me!

Today I just bought a new one to try: Ecover Toilet Bowl Cleaner. I hope I like it too!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Third Person Thursday

She misses that time of night between 5 and 8. She doesn't get out enough at that time of night. It's beautiful, especially in September. She misses the calm that comes over the city after a day of work and frenzy.

She is usually at home getting children to sleep. She misses sleeping in. Well, she gets to do it every so often, but it's not the same as sleeping in for no reason at all. She usually gets to sleep in with interruptions, or when she is sick or over-exhausted, or pregnant.

She's not pregnant.

She misses the flexibility and freedom that children sometimes do not allow. She misses going outside for a walk, holding hands with her DH, and not having to be back by bedtime.

She misses D'Agostinos Pizza, but not her hip size during that time period of consuming a whole one (with DH's help of course), every weekend.

She loves being the mom of two girls. She loves the freedom of movement, voice and expression that her children shower the world with. She loves watching the faces of those around her, that are seeing them for the first and only time, and the joy that it brings them to behold their expression.

She loves when they interpretive dance, tell stories, sing songs, take risks.

She loves it when they sit down for dinner and they are hungry and they eat. She loves when they SIT and eat. She loves when they sit for longer than 2 minutes and 17 seconds, and take bites, chew, and swallow their food. She loves when they giggle in the bathtub.

She is pretty sure that giving up 5 to 8 at night and 5 to 8 in the morning, and a long list of other "things" is worth it. In fact, she's VERY sure it is.


I know it's early, but I am already panicking about this performance:


Songs for the Season with Kristy Glass
December 3rd, 2007
Helen Hayes Gallery @ The National Theatre in Washington DC
6:00 PM and 7:30 PM

So, if you live in the area, PLEASE spread the word and plan on attending. I will remind you again as it gets closer!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

2 Days in the Hamptons

I'm back...

I will begin with today, because yesterday was crazy, busy, rainy and crazy. Today was different.

It was a beautiful morning at a horse farm in Bridgehampton. QUITE a difference from the Bronx Equestrian Center. The crazy horses there were crazy because they were a bit cramped compared to the one-horse-per-pen norm here. I was excited to be shooting here until I saw where we were shooting, in the barn full of DIRT where the horses train indoors. You can see the pic below: bottom/middle photo.

It was dirty. I was glad that I brought my rainboots...they quickly became today's uniform. After a few hours of shooting and hanging out (we had a slow day today...lots of HURRY UP and WAIT!), I realized that I had lost my car key. I had put it in the shallow pocket of my hoodie, and it was now gone. I did not panic, because I had the entire day and not much area to cover, to find it. Several of us took some time to search but it just WASN'T turning up.

I remembered that I had onstar, and maybe they could help. I got my DH to work on it from his office in NYC and after much frustration on his part (thank you honey!), He and Onstar concocted a plan that involved towing, 16 miles away, making a new key and what seemed like a whole lot of hassle. I decided that I needed to take a break, sit down, and think for a second. I sat down and I looked at my legs and decided that if I took my knee pads off (I wear them while wrangling, b/c I sit on my knees a lot), I might have better circulation to my brain.

And there was my key. It was In my knee pad. I don't know how it got there, but it did, and I was so relieved! I almost didn't believe that that was the key. YEAH!

Now that I could open my car, I decided to check my phone, and on it was a message from April, with the Gayle King show. Yes, I called her this morning after hearing her show, and they liked my message so much, that they called me and asked me to speak to her on the air today. It was short and sweet, but very fun. If you have XM radio, tune into 156 tomorrow to hear me! (And Gayle of course). I am the second caller after the opening monologue:

Gayle King
Weekdays 2 AM, 8 AM, 2PM, 8 PM ET

I was a little nervous, but I love an adventure...and now I have spoken to both Oprah and Gayle...I am practically a member of the Harpo family ; ).

Below are a few pix that I took the past few days. I LOVED the Corgi Puppies that were there. And I had the most interesting conversation with the animal wrangler they hired. She got her start handling horses for the live Opera performances at the Met. You can learn all about this animal wrangler and her amazingly unique business here.

I stayed at the Southampton Inn which was one block away from where this photo was taken, back when we went to the Hamptons a few weeks ago, and on the bed, one decorative pillow in the center, that is the same one I have on my couch at home. It was like the whole thing was meant to be. I even had a chance to give myself a mani/pedi...a true rarity these days.

Have I mentioned I love my job?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September 11th, 2007

Since there is a scheduled outage on blogger tonight, and because I am off to the Hamptons, posting for tomorrow a little earlier than if you don't want to read it today, come back tomorrow!

In Memory.
I had my first baby 6 months and 5 days after September 11th. My plans to move to NYC were not thwarted, and I like to think that bringing this sweet, vibrant soul to the Concrete Jungle has made NYC a better place. NYC has certainly made us better people.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Ralph Lauren

Lil sis was put on hold to work the Ralph Lauren Spring Campaign this week, in the Hamptons.

She was released, and I was hired. But not to model. Don't worry, my ego is not hurt. I realize that in order to model for Ralph Lauren, you mustn't have thighs. And without my thighs, how would I do my 5:52 AM morning workouts?

I am so excited about this job for several reasons.

1. I am wrangling on a white screen for the lookbook, off to the side of the REAL set. I will be one on one with the kids, and not involved in the group shots with the thigh-less models (and the plethora of puppies, antique cars, and occasional horse). Less PRESSURE...which I always appreciate when wrangling.

2. Two nights at the Southampton Inn. I really wish my DH could come with me, but about 6 years and 3 months ago we made the decision to become parents, so he will stay home with the fruits of that decision.

3. On location. In the Hamptons. WHATTUP?

4. Mild (I hope) weather: SO glad it isn't May in Central Park.

5. It will be fun to shoot at the Potato Barn, the Horse farm and be a part of a pretty major national campaign. This will be my first time with Ralph, so EXCITEMENT all I just have to get booked on their Miami trip in the winter!

6. I'm not gonna lie, RL pays of course in my mind I have already spent my earnings times 100...and my husband has already deposited it into our 401K. "Honey, family!"

Sunday, September 09, 2007

My Little ArtEEst

My DH had meetings on Saturday morning. At 5ish when lil sis crawled in bed, and my DH was not there, I figured he had gone to the gym and would be back before his meetings.

I went back to sleep, and the next thing I was aware of was big sis telling me there was an emergency. I opened my eyes and saw a very large brown circle with many many layers in the middle of it, on my bedroom wall. My eyes then went down to the colors all over my floor, door, door frame, lil sis' room's door, and on her clothes and body.

I picked up lil sis wondering why my DH hadn't told me he had already left for his meeting and that I was in charge. And then I found him in the front room, asleep. I wasn't very nice, but mostly because I was still half a sleep. We commenced cleaning up the mess. Thank goodness Crayola Washable Marker, when mixed with high-quality paint and floor seal literally washes right off. Unfortunately, the brown marker on the cheaper white paint did not come off, but that was only about 1/8 of the masterpiece.

Just when we thought we were in the clear, I went to FINALLY use the restroom (something I normally use first thing after waking, but skipped for obvious reason's yesterday morning), I noticed a giant purple circular masterpiece next to a giant orange circular masterpiece on yet another of my bedroom walls. And again, they cleaned up...but the stress of the morning permeated throughout our entire day.