Wednesday, October 31, 2007


It finally came. It was a long day, and I have another long day tomorrow, so please be satisfied with photo blogging for now...the words are swirling in my head, but there is no time to get them to your computer screen....Happy Halloween!

One pic now, the story and more pix later

Les Miz Update

So apparently, Les Miz is closing, and my possible job opportunity along with it....that's October for you!

Gradually Going Green

I first heard this idea from my friend Carrie, who I believe got it from a toddler busy book of sorts...I am sure all the correct credits can be found here.

Anyway, the idea is to take all your old grubby crayons and reuse them and make them into kaleidoscope muffiny shaped crayon cookies, if you will. They are not to eat, just meant to add a new dimension to your crayon-coloring experience.

After a frustrating Sunday of trying to color with a bunch of paperless, broken crayons, and a resounding request from the kindergarten parents for NO SWEETS during tomorrow's Halloween Party...I decided that making these crayon cookies was JUST what the class needed for a Halloween treat, and just what our crayon stash needed to make room for some newer, nice crayons.

The children are free to use their artistic impression on the crayon cookies, but I liked grouping them in like colors....just looked pretty:

It was fun to watch them melt in the oven, though we tried to incorporate some wax remnants from Crayola Twisters, and they did not melt so well...

...but that was ok, because I thought it looked cool like that:

We only had enough for three we bagged them up and tagged them, and voila! A fun Halloween, recycled party favor!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

CC #5

As if you hadn't already figured it out:

Costume Clue #4 (this will link you to 1-3 too!)

Monday, October 29, 2007

Gradually Going Green: Wicked

Of course the Broadway show WICKED is Going Green! Check itout here.

Quote of the Week

My Manager:Don't Get Excited, BUT you are on the short list for replacements in Les Miz.

Well okay then....I guess I just wait now...

Jack O Lanterns

Carrie's post inspired me to let the kids draw their own pumpkin faces. Big Sis had a very clear idea of what she wanted, but lil sis' was a bit more abstract, so I had to find some shapes in there, which I bolded out to help me draw it on the pumpkin, to cut out. I think they turned out really well.

The girls and their Jack-o-lanterns are pictured here with one of my new tablecloth's from the Rose Bowl Flea Market. Isn't it yummy?

Friday, October 26, 2007

Announcement: Don't Get Excited

I don't want to have a bash session about the girl that got it, just thought ya'll might be interested:

Click here.

Maybe we can start a writing campaign complaining about her tan and her accent from another land saying what a great job she did. : )

Gradually Going Green

The Rose Bowl Flea Market!

It's enormous. There is not time in one day to see everything there. There is so much inspiration, I am about to burst with it. I wish I had some sort of magic workshop, where I could take things and turn them into something else. Slightly imperfect stuff, textiles, furniture, vintage anything the list goes on and on and on.

I ended up with a few treasures. I bought two picture frames to recycle for my latest Condo Art Project: Sisters Wall. I am collecting art that features two sisters in it, and putting them on the blank wall in my office. So far I have two: This one and this one.

I also picked up a vintage Cinderella vinyl record to put in a record frame for the girls room, and this cool vintage pink Samsonite Train Case to use for I don't know what yet, but it's awesome. I also picked up two beautiful vintage tablecloths. One is pink and one is green. I should have snapped a pic of them, but forgot...maybe later.

The first purchase I made was RIGHT inside the entrance of the flea market. A brand new, handknit ORGANIC cotton poncho for big sis. It's really beautiful and I thought a steal at 15 bucks. I swear you could buy something like that at a boutique on the East Side for like 80.

If you like making old things new again (a very green practice), and you find yourself in Pasadena on the second Sunday of the month, stop on by. It's pretty great.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Third Person Thursday

She had a go-see for Ortho-McNeil.

It was a good-paying job and a request casting that came with a hold in place. Good chances. Well, at least, better than average. She was told to wear form-fitting white clothes (cream would have to do), and bring her glasses.


She got there and realized that this was not a print casting, but a website casting. There was copy to be read. This was no big deal as far as the audition goes, but she has an exclusive contract with her commercial agent that conflicts with her booking this through anyone else. She expressed her concerns and was assured it would all work out just fine in the end.

She left her little one in the capable hands of 3 other actors and the casting assistant and walked into the room. She stood on her spot and looked at the storyboard and saw the words: ORTHO TRICYCLIN. Oh no. She was pretty sure a little campaign out there called Nuvaring would directly conflict with her doing this job. The Ortho rep was a little skeptical until she directed him to

Oh yes. It was all becoming quite clear. The casting director had a few ideas, like: What if we slick her hair back and put on glasses? Then she won't be as recognizable? What if she is wearing the doctor coat? Let's just take a few shots, just in case.


"I need the little girl's mother right now!", an authoritative yet panicked voice interjected while the door flung open.

She goes rushing out of the room to see her little girl standing there with her eyes rolled back in her head. The assistant said: "I think she is having an episode!" She recognized this as her little girl's fake trance face and tickled her and said: "Are you being silly?" And she was, and she and her daughter laughed. Everyone else continued to stare at the two of them with their hands on their hearts and their hearts in their stomachs.

She nonchalantly pulled the little one into the room to continue the casting that would never be, for now a 4th reason (daughter fakes her own seizure behind the door, during the casting), but it doesn't seem like anyone else has recovered from the scare. And they just decide to high tail it out of there.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Gradually Going Green: Farmer's Market

When I saw some photos of pumpkin "snowmen" in the recent issue of Halloween Martha Stewart Issue, it was the first time since moving out of the house that I grew up in, that I wanted a yard. I just HAD to make my own!

I think they turned out really cute. I love their hats. And big sis helped to make the necklace on Mrs. Pumpkin.

I got these adorable little pumpkins at the Farmer's Green Market in my hood last Saturday. Though the gathering of sellers is small, they never dissapoint.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New Headshots

It's that time again...for new headshots. Growing out my hair has taken quite some time, and I still have a ways to go, because I want to try it LONG long. Right now, at this medium length, I look nothing like my current pix, so I needed to take ANOTHER round of headshots....let me know which one you think I can are all always so helpful!


For me, it's a tie between 6 and 8.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Fires in California
I was JUST there a few days ago, and I can't believe this is what's happening now. Please keep all those who have been evacuated in your prayers.

Saturday's Adventure: Halloween Harvest Festival

The love affair with the Socrates Sculpture Park continues. Yesterday they had the Halloween Harvest Festival. There was a Dog Costume Contest, Costume-making, Wand-making, October Treats for sale, Flute-playing, Face-painting and of course, the cool sculptures in the park.

I loved seeing the giant black crow sculpture, that included a fountain of rusty, nasty water. Lil sis looked down into it and proclaimed there was a crocodile living there. Both of my girls made really cool magic wands, but I can't show you a picture, because that would give away our costumes...

You can enjoy these pix though, of yesterday's Harvest Festival:

Saturday, October 20, 2007


This was in my inbox yesterday:

"I am sorry they keep doing this to you. But, you are still on hold for The new hold date is Thursday, 10/25. I will keep you posted."



Friday, October 19, 2007

Quote of the Week


approximately 4 pm on Wed:

Agent's Assistant (on the phone): We have an audition for you for Opal. It shoots in South Africa so we need to be sure that you have a valid passport and know how to operate a vehicle.


Agents Assistant: You do know how to operate a vehicle right?

Silence. Then.

Me: Oh yes, sorry, I was distracted by a disgruntled Costco Shopper. Yes, I know how to operate a vehicle. (Disgruntled Costco Shopper gives me the dirtiest look she can muster, and I am smiling)

Agent's Assistant: And they need you to wear your hair as long as possible.

Alright, I'll let my hair know.

45 minutes later....
Still at Costco....

OTHER Agent's Assistant (on the phone, I am still at Costco): Hey, I know you are probably thinking right about now that you wish you hadn't rescheduled your LA trip to stay in town for the job...BUT they STILL haven't made their decision, and are checking your availability for Friday. Still available?

Me: Yup.

Since I am not working today, I am pretty sure I didn't get the job. It all turned out ok though, in the regrets.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


She was at Target, doing a LOT of shopping.

Once she had finished loading all the groceries onto the belt, she headed down to where the checker was bagging her items. There were already so many bags! She started examining and noticed the checker was putting one or two items in one bag. She began combining items, to reduce the number of bags she was taking home with her.

After she had arranged her items in as few bags as possible, she quickly explained to the checker that she was trying to use less bags and save the earth, and then she handed her the large stack of empty bags. The checker then threw them in the garbage! She said to her: "That's not the point!"

But the checker's body language indicated that she didn't hear one word, or see her efforts at all. Ugh.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Is it only Wednesday?

Have any of you seen those beautiful Motts Ads? They are yellow background with a woman or a child in green, eating the applesauce or drinking the juice. I love them because they are so close up and bright and cheery.

Well, today my daughter and I got to shoot one!'s mostly my daughter, and I am just nuzzling her or kissing her, and there was another mommy/daughter combo booked, so we only have a 50% chance of it running, but they looked so cute! So good!

I am excited. And now I twiddle my thumbs until March...

In the meantime. I am going to catch up on my

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I hope you all appreciated my participation in Blog Action Day, despite the fact that I was on an airplane for most of Blog Action Day. Thanks honey for posting for me!

I'm back from my trip.

Aaahhhh....It's back. It's back...I just can't write the words nice to it will just have to be....It's back.

I AM happy to see my family, I started to miss them. And I am happy to be coming home to a fun job....but I miss my posse, my peops.

And my peops want to remain anonymous, so unfortunately the only pix you will see of my trip, are of me and a dog:

Yes, after knowing this dog for about 5 years, our friendship blossomed this weekend. It's because I found out she likes to sing and dance, just like me, and in fact, WITH me.

Also this weekend I became dangerously close to getting the high score in karaoke. I still think the person who beat me by 1 point, cheated, because she sang a song she KNOWS she scores high on.

And I learned that I really enjoy split pea soup with a hint of lemon, and that I am about 1.5 inches taller than Heidi Klum. I have left out a horrendous amount of details, but that's ok...because it is my secret trip for only me and my trippees to know about.....hee hee hee.

Costume Clue #3

Costume Clue #2

Costume Clue #1

Monday, October 15, 2007

Gradually Going Green: Blog Action Day!

It's Blog Action Day, and our topic is THE ENVIRONMENT. Ever since I started to make some green lifestyle changes, you will hear me occasionally cry out: "MOTHER EARTH IS CRYING!", if someone throws a recyclable item away without even thinking twice about it.

Now, I am guilty of this on occasion, but it is usually only when I know it is a high-traffic area for those in the business of collecting cans out of public trash receptacles. At home, I am extremely vigilant about recycling, even taking the time to clean out those not-so-fun-to-clean-out items. There is one exception, the peanut butter jar, but that is because I am allargic to it, and therefore afraid of it.

In honor of this Blog Action Day, I decided to take the time to compile my Gradually Going Green Posts, in hopes that some of you will get bitten by the Green Bug. It's time people...really....start making small changes for a better tomorrow..or Mother Earth will CRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gradually Going Green Posts:
4/27/07: A list of Changes

5/18/07: Progress

5/29/07: Miscellaneous

6/20/07: Spreading the Word: Cute Video Alert!

6/29/07: Eco-Restroom

7/6/07: Green Parking Lot

7/16/07: Reuse Plastic Bags

7/24/07: Green Market

7/30/07: More Reusable Grocery Bags

8/15/07: Stop Washing Your Hair!

8/21/07: Water

8/27/07: Fabric

9/14/07: Cleaning Products

9/17/07: Soup 'N Swap

9/25/07: Parking Day

10/02/07: Teeny Tiny Bags

Saturday, October 13, 2007


I am in Cali.

I made it.

Today I got a massage and spent some good girly time at a spa. I real spa. It was heavenly.

Now I am stuffed with Italian food, awesome lunch and mexican food and pinkberry and cinnamon bread from trader joes and a bunch of other stuff and one sour patch kid.

And I am so happy to be visiting my peops and to have a little break from my very busy life.

And good news. I have a job to go back to on Tuesday for Mott' after all the drama of the and the rescheduling of flights and blah blah blah....I have a job to look forward to.


I am on NYC time, so I should really be asleep right now, but instead I am going to karaoke.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Condo Adventures: Lights! !

These babies were SO worth the wait. My husband and I just couldn't come up with what we wanted in the family room for light. And then one day the Restoration Hardware Catalog arrived in our mail box and the lights called our names...

They are huge, oversized, deliciously large utility pendants. 19 inches each of pure awesomeness.

And we are experimenting with a new layout. It certainly opens up the has served us well for some recent social gatherings. My husband doesn't like how the couch is blocking half of the bookcase, but that really doesn't bother me so much. But I am also the girl who thinks her oversized utility lamps are rockin' maybe we should get other opinions. Old layout here.