Thursday, January 03, 2008

Back to Work Already?

I had my first casting of the year today.

It was actually a combined casting for lil sis and me. I asked twice about the specifics of wardrobe, and after being told casual twice, I arrived at the casting unprepared. A swimsuit was required. They took my picture anyway and assured me that "nobody" got the memo, even though the woman right before me did. I don't see how anyone can consider me for the job if they haven't seen me in the proper wardrobe (especially right after gaining the Holiday 5).

This situation would have bothered me more had my original plan for the casting gone through. See, we returned from California to HARSH HARSH cold weather. Okay it's not zero degrees, but once you have hit's pretty much all the same: FACE IS NUMB cold. I was also so exhausted from my travels and cleaning out my system of about 4 days of waste, that I couldn't possibly go out in THAT cold and do any sort of city traveling.

I looked up a local parking garage and found that it would cost about 23 bucks to park for an hour. I had about that much left over from my vacation budget, so I decided to treat myself to a DRIVE into the city. When I located the parking garage, I took a wrong turn, and while correcting it drove RIGHT by the address of my casting, and noticed an open metered parking spot right in front. How could this possibly be? And with 1 minute to go until I had to be on the 6th floor. AND I had quarters in my wallet? It was seriously a first-day-back-to-work in 2008 miracle. I hope the rest of my casting days this year are as charmed...and that I never have to wear a bathing suit.

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