Friday, January 11, 2008

Cookie Batter

We went to Coldstone Thursday night.

I had Cookie Batter Ice Cream (a flavor I had never seen nor tried before), mixed with waffle cone pieces and brownies. It was amazing.

Then I watched Ratatouille, which was enjoyable, however even cartoon rodents give me the willies.

All this after a short wrangling day for Target. Cute cuddly babies and well-behaved, happy children that made my job easy. The weather continues to be beautiful. We went to the playground for the second time this week.

I am feeling completely blah. At first I thought it was just adjusting back to life after our legendary December and super fun trip...but I now suspect it is just those chemicals that cause me all sorts of trouble each month.


Aprilyn said...

You probably don't even remember me but I'm Aprilyn Grubbs Bucklein. I think you were my sister Emily's age. I found your blog by accident really and I think it's really great. I read what you wrote about my Mom. She has touched many people's lives. Yesterday marked 15 yrs since she died. I posted something on my blog about her. I hope to hear from you. I'm still trying to figure out what your maiden name is! :) I am pretty sure I knew your family.

nowlze said...

kage, we are menstrual twins. i hear you on the blahs, sister.

hope we get a fun job together soon (hopefully one where you are modeling and i am making you even more gorg and we both bring home some serious bacon.)


Heather said...

Coldstone cake batter with REESES PB cup and brownies is the best thing I have ever had. It's so naughty and I love every single bite of it!