Tuesday, January 01, 2008


My fave photos of Disneyland:

Please note my multi-tasking here: Taking the picture WHILST riding in the tea cups!

Please note my newly acquired photoshopping skills here: This tree is stabilized by 3 black wires...can you tell where they used to be? Didn't think so!

This photoshop is much more detectable....I am getting tired here people....I photoshopped out the obscenities on my DH's tee shirt (j/k)!...about the obscenities that is....And yes, my little one is wearing a nightgown in this picture. I bought all the little girls in our party new jammies, and they all wore them over there clothes at one point or another throughout our New Year's Eve (Day)...
Happy 2008!


Rachel H said...

My Bro-in law was there yesterday with his family too! How funny, huh! Sounds like it was a nice day!

Anonymous said...

so were you guys there on new year's eve? if so, were the fireworks amazing?

Ashley said...

Great pictures! That must have been awesome being there on NYE!