Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Gradually Going Green

I did give a few green Christmas gifts this year...but mostly I was the recipient of them!

What I gave:
Reusable Bags from Container Store. I even gave one to whoever sat in my seat on jetblue after me last week. I miss my bag very much. It was strong and held a lot, and it comes in a little zipper pouch, so it's SO convenient for shopping!

What I received:
Magnets made from Junk Mail
Presents wrapped in these reusable bags made by my most talented friend Carrie.
In those bags, another homemade reusable bag (made out of old sheets), and a stuffed animal designed by her daughter and made out of fabric scraps around the house.

More Carrie-creations here.

I also received a bag kind of like this for my produce. I can't WAIT to use it.

The other day, at the grocery store that I frequent the cashier asked me how many of my own bags I had brought, and she gave me 2 cents back on my groceries for each bag. It didn't matter that one of my bags was one of those ginormous plastic ikea ones that holds about 8 plastic bags worth of groceries...I still only got 2 cents for that one! HOWEVER, I saved 8 cents that day people. 8 cents. Now, that's gonna add up for sure!!!

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