Monday, January 14, 2008

Manic Monday

I'm gradually feeling recovered from our Holiday Happenings.

It's taken a long time. A very long time. I know myself...I know that when I have an UPPER in life (the Holidays) that I will always have a DOWNER. The past few weeks have been that. I am okay though...just a little cranky...well a lot cranky.

I am trying to be patient and breathe when the dermatologist won't see our family until she has talked to the insurance people who have her receptionist on hold for 30 minutes, and her payment in hand. I NEVER have my checkbook with me, but for some reason I did today....thank you checkbook, or else my DH would have had to go find an ATM and get a bunch of cash (thank you deductible) before we were escorted in to see the doctor.

I always feel a bit irked when the money comes before the humans...especially when she tells me during my appointment that the waiting room is piling up so can I please hurry? Well, sorry, if you had been willing to look at my moles while the receptionist was on hold, there wouldn't be a back up of patients...I hope you didn't miss that ONE malignant mole hiding somewhere on my body.

On the way home we got to see three subway kids just LOVE that. We saw a man playing the saxaphone and a family from Michigan singing some choral music and finally an electric violinist. Big Sis was QUITE taken with him. We had to watch two of his songs. We took his card and found a little youtube video of his work. I think she wanted a violin just like his. Now I have some new motivation for her when she doesn't want to practice....remember, you can play the electric violin one day if you keep practicing!


Aprilyn said...

So, how old was Big Sis when you started her on violin? I'm being a BIG slacker. My oldest is 9 and I haven't started him on anything. Yeah, I have really REALLY good reasons but anyway, I just wondered. I'm trying to find a piano teacher for him because I can NOT teach him myself.

Laura said...

Those lame doctor exist everywhere you go and in every specialty. We all need them so we keep going. I love your observation that taking your money before humans is not good. I agree.