Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Quote of the Week

Part of our vacation over Christmas was to spend a little time here.
Among the crowd of octegenarians I heard some great quotes:

With surprise:
"When I see myself in the mirror, AY YA YA! I just look terrible!"

About a couple seated nearby:
"He's an attorney. She's a gypsy." Not quite sure how they got together.

"Four men died last week, they were all 96. I'm 91, I got a lot of years left!"

With Glee:
"Watch this lady walk, she can't see a thing!"
I'm not sure if he was excited for her that she could walk so well without seeing, or that he was glad he could stare at someone without them knowing, or if he wanted her to bump into something.

I also observed someone put 4 sugars in a 6 oz. cup of green tea. That seems like a lot to me!

My girls loved all the attention they got from the grandmas and grandpas.

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