Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Revlon Run/Walk for Women's Cancers

In May of 2003 I had the opportunity to walk a 5K from Times Square through Central Park in an effort to raise money for the tenacious fight against women's cancers. At the time I was reeling from the passing of my cousin's wife from breast cancer. She was diagnosed while pregnant with her third baby, and she passed away about a year after her birth. I couldn't understand why a mother of three had her life taken and in this way.

Since then I have been affected by several other cases of breast cancer through friends and family. Undertaking this kind of fundraiser every year is a lot for me to do, but it's been 5 years and it's time to raise more money for this worthy cause.

In 2003 my fundraising goal was 500 dollars. I raised 2000.

5 years later, with many more friends in my community offline and on, I feel that we can all pitch in to surpass that goal.

Please donate if you can. Click here for my online fundraising page. If you would rather donate with a check, you may contact me at kristy at kristyglass dot com and we can make arrangements for that as well.



clg0513 said...

what a great cause. I hope the donations pour in. I wish i could donate more but currently "jobless". I donated in honor of my Dad & my Aunt who both have or have had breast cancer. Thanks for doing this.

Kage said...

clg0513. Bless you for being the first donation. Every cent helps....thank you.

Kage said...

ps....the last two posts that I have posted pix from my mac, it seems they are not showing up...can you see the pic of my little one an me for this post? yes or no?

HK said...

The picture on today's post is great, but there isn't a picture of President Hinckley from the other day's post.

marian said...

I can see both the pic on this post and the one on the other post, FYI.

Kage said...

WOW! $710 dollars in 24 hours, and that's just online. I know of at least 2 checks coming my way! I am thrilled with the response. Please consider budgeting a donation into the next few months as I still have 2 months to reach my goal!