Friday, January 04, 2008

Rose Parade Report

It was so much fun experiencing the Rose Parade in Pasadena, CA on New Years Day.

The waking up early and waiting part was much more bearable in Southern California, than in NYC on Thanksgiving morning. Our friends took care of us by providing drinks, donuts, fresh fruit, candy and breakfast burritos. I loved that several people actually CAMPED OUT on the side of the road, just to have those amazing seats in the morning. I really wanted to curl up in one of their sleeping bags when I arrived at the parade spot a little too early than my suffering-from-a-cold and tired body wanted to allow.

The parade itself was so beautiful to see. The creativity and innovation involved in creating the floats is so difficult to appreciate when watching on television. I could see everything close up, and I didn't sneeze once.

I did miss a few things about this parade compared to Macy' was the clowns. When you watch on tv, you don't realize how much the clowns and street marchers/performers add to the atmosphere of the parade. Also, watching it on the streets of NEW YORK make for a very compact situation...the energy is really focused and intense. In Cali, the streets are so spread out and there are no tall buildings, so it's way laid back...I don't remember a lot of cheering....but that's was a parade, Cali style.

I compiled a few fave float was the Day of the Dead float. I am a fan of DOD art...though I don't own any! I also loved the pigtails on the Oktoberfest girl.

And I also loved the use of pineapple on the little dinosaur.

It's not a parade with out the Sesame Street peops:

Before the parade began there was a lot of pre-parading. We saw some runners running the route, one of our neighbors almost got hit by a football from a local game of catch, some Jesus-Freaks (I guess that's what you call them: JESUS KILLS JESUS SAVES signs), and finally the Hare Krishnas. Lil Sis and I happened to be returning from the Princess Potties (read: PORTAPOTTY), and we found ourselves dancing right along with them. Good times!

The sun was bright so big sis borrowed my sunglasses:

You can take the girl out of NYC, but you can't take the NYC out of the girl:


nymanzanita said...

cute pics... I agree with you about the energy being a little different in California for the parade... we were there last year and enjoyed it but nothing compares to NYC. Isnt that little sis with the glasses on? not big sis?

Melissa said...

Okay, Kage - call me a huge nerd, but I've LITERALLY been eye-balling you haircut for days now, trying to figure out if I can pull off bangs, or not. THEN I see this picture of you, and the bangs are gone - are the just swept to the side?? Can a bang REALLY be that versitile?
I should also add, that I adore your blog, and girls - and am so happy to KNOW that at least someone is updating daily for me - some of my other friends are just, plain old slackers.

Kage said...

nymanzan, still jetlagged, YES, lil sis

melissa: My hair is pinned with a bobby pin...that's helps my bangs from getting oily....nasty.

If you like the pinned look, then yes...versatile....
Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

ummm....dumb question but here it goes.. i've been reading your blog for a while now and always wondered if the dh stands for dear hubby. am i right?

Heather said...

I love the parade pics! I also love the Hari Krishna's dancing and can just see you two dancing with them. a