Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Talented Friends

I have a lot of artist friends.

I love that about my friends. They fulfill many of my creative needs because they tolerate my artist crazy mood fluctuations, they understand when I am enthusiastic about a good-looking bathing suit on a mannequin or 6 giant nutcrackers lined up all in a row outside of a building, and they inspire me all the time.

I have featured some of my friends and their work on the blog before, but this is the latest!

Tftcarrie's work has been seen here because she is my friend who makes my children and me home-made treasures...but this time she has ventured off into publishing.

This is Me Journal

"The "This is Me" journal combines drawing, writing, creativity and simple scrapbooking to capture the year’s memories through your child’s eyes. Pre-writers will love dictating their answers to a parent while young writers will gain confidence in expressing their thoughts in their own words. This journal will prompt and preserve countless memorable conversations between parent and child."

Instead of a plastic barbie or a toy truck that is just going to be discarded in a large pile of birthday presents, I think this is going to be my signature gift for my daughter's classmates next year. When I was a kid I had an all about me journal that I loved...but it was also a bit overwhelming and adult. This is the perfect size, perfect font, and perfect content for you and your kid. I know because I was one of many mom and kid-tested editors. And of many green choices for the cover, the one I voted for won!!! YIPPEE!

So, put it on your Wish List and don't worry, I will remind you about it again when Christmas comes...only 11 months away people...get ready.

Other talented friends:
Melissa and Krista


Ann said...

it's such a small world! i was talking to my friend a while ago and she was talking about how she did some illustrations for a 'this is me' journal!! my friend must be friends with your friend! crazy! i've been thinking about getting this for lucy because of my friend's illustrations-and now there's another reason: a kage connection!

TftCarrie said...

I hope you know my awesome illustrator, Ciana, or else there is another competing journal being made out there!

Thanks for the good word Kage! I also think it makes an amazing gift.

tracy m said...

Carrie is awesome, isn't she?! I covet those animals she makes from the kids' drawings. Really wonderful.

LJ said...

Wow! You do have some amazingly talented friends, but then again, so are you! It was so much fun to read about these ideas. I have heard a lot of people here in Utah that LOVE Spongy Feet and Snug-a-Bug products. I'm sure the "This is Me" journal will become a big hit too. Such a great idea and a wonderful keepsake for both parent and child. My daughter loves to draw and write- this would be perfect for her. It's a definite step up from the "all about me" LDS kids' journal that I had as a kid too! Thanks for sharing the ideas. It's all about networking from moms you know and trust... :)

PS: Kage, that was me you saw in the YNS picture from Des Moines. Seems like forever ago! Thanks for letting me know- it was a great to remember that time in my life.