Thursday, January 10, 2008

Third Person Thursday

She saw Frenchie at Sam Ash in Times Square. Yup, Didi Conn. It was the voice that caught her attention, and she was even talking about hair! HA!

After a quick burrito at chipotle, she picked up her daughter. As they were walking home she said very nonchalantly:

"Mom, the bathroom was flooded today."
She responded: "Man, that's too bad....was it the toilet or the sink or what?"

Her daughter replied : "Ummm...well...I think it was my diarrhea that caused the flood."



nowlze said...

dude, i've done didi's makeup for a bbc special about musicals. she was a peach (of course)!

hope i see you soon, kage!!


Heather said...

I can only imagine Frenchi from Grease wearing a bright yellow sweater, her hair in a perfect strawberry blond bob, and carrying around a pink purse. Am I close?

y said...

Oh no!! At least you didn't have to clean that one up!

Heather said...

I'm binge reading your blog... last year I binge watched your vlogs and decided to go to the beginning. Anyways... Didi Conn's mother was a big supporter of a small theater in Atlanta where I often worked as costume designer / house manager / usher / whatever else. Her name was Beverly. When she arrived at the theater one night she said, "it just wouldn't be a trip to the theater without seeing you!" It was (to me) the highest of compliments. BTW... I'm interested in your life not because I'm a stalker but because my baby brother lives in Manhattan and his wife is due with their first child next month. Having grown up in suburban Atlanta, raising a baby in New York sounds about as foreign as raising a unicorn on Mars to me. Also, I've got arthritis in my hip and spine and can't move around much when it's cold old so in the Winter I have to dig deeper to stay entertained. So far so good! *hugs* Heather

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