Thursday, January 17, 2008

Third Person Thursday

Typically,on any given day, if she sits down, she will get drowsy and fall asleep.

On this day she really wanted to sit down with her children and just chill out for an hour before the dermatologist appointment. She started getting drowsy. She looked around and Big Sis was busy watching a show and looking at a book and Lil sis was busy playing with a pile of toys that she had gotten for Christmas. She looked at the clock...35 minutes until they had to go.

She decided that she could close her eyes for that amount of time. She set the timer on her microwave and promptly fell asleep on the couch. A few minutes later Lil Sis screamed: "Open Were Eyes!" She said something incoherent back about a nap and 35 minutes and went back to sleep.

Next, she felt a jarring pain in her eyeball. Lil Sis had managed to obtain a lollipop from Big Sis and with it in her mouth leaned over her to show her the lollipop up close, and the stick went right into her eye, waking her up a second time. This time she was so out of it that she just pushed the stick and the girl attached to it, away from her eye and the searing pain, and went back to sleep.

Finally Lil Sis came toward her with her grimy little fingers shouting: "What color are Were eyes? What COLOR are WERE EYES?" She thinks she responded: "I just want to sleep for 35 MINUTES..please" and went back to sleep, but in her head she was screaming: "WHY? Why now? Why do you need to know just now what color my eyes are? YOU know the color of my eyes better than you know the color of your OWN eyes! BLUE! They're BLUE Lil Sis! BLUE BLUE BLUE! now leave me alone."

Remarkably, she actually felt a bit rested after that nap of many interruptions.


Natasha said...

i love little kid talk! were for your! It's the best!

Rachel H said...

I thought you were going to say like 2 hours went by or something and you missed your appt!

Melissa said...

you take naps? and still manage to fit so much into your day?

love that you still slept despite the lollipop stick to the eye - ouch.

knittingirl said...

There is something quite tranquilizing about sitting down on the couch and listening to your children play... zzzzzzzzzz!