Thursday, January 24, 2008

Third Person Thursday

She was told she would have to improvise. Well, the nature of improvising means no preparation, so she tried not to sweat it.

The subway train arrived and everyone was ordered off the train. She knew there was nothing she could do about the delay, so she just focused on her book. She tried to read as much as she could leading up to the audition, to keep focused and not get nervous.

When she arrived there were about 4 men signed up ahead of her and one woman. The woman was sitting in the waiting room with her drumsticks, practicing. She just kept reading her book. She couldn't hear anything behind the audition room door. There were no sounds, no drums, no voices, nothing. Each auditionee was in the room only about 4 minutes, and they all swiftly exited, put on their coats and left. She could not find any clues in the other actors. She kept reading. As the list progressed, she realized her hands were cold, and if she had to drum, maybe cold hands was a bad thing? She tried to warm them up by rubbing her hands on her leggings. It didn't really work.

Finally it was her turn to go in. She entered the room, and observed 5 people sitting behind the table. A 6th woman approached her with a practice drum and a pair of drumsticks. She began beating a rhythm on one side of the drum, and instructed her to imitate it. She did pretty well, and responded to the coaching notes that the woman provided. Then it was time to learn a new rhythm. The dominant beat was done with her left hand, over and over again. Once she had it down, the woman told her it was time to switch hands.

She put the drumstick in her left hand in her right hand and vice versa. The panel laughed. Apparently drumsticks are universal, just because you change the dominant beat from left hand to the right hand, does NOT mean you have to change the drumsticks. Note taken.

She exclaimed, upon understanding why they were laughing: "That is so me." She excecuted the rhythm once again. It was a pattern that was like: right, left, left, right, left left, right. Once she had it down, she was instructed to only play right-left-right-left-right-left, but STILL do the same rhythm. (She realizes this is hard to explain, but trust her, it was tricky.) Overall, she thought she did reasonably well.

Next it was time for a short acting exercise. She was instructed to pretend she was a 1st grader walking into her classroom on the first day of school, only to discover that she had walked into the 6th grade room, and the panel behind the desk were the 6th graders. She was relieved by this scenario simply because she is quite in touch with an fact she is the mother of one. The scene was brief, and she again, executed it to the best of her abilities, and she felt that she kept her nerves quite under control.

Her only concern, if she gets the job is the name of the show. She hopes that it is changed to the Blue WOman Group. That would be SWEET.


Tandy said...

LOL at switching the drumsticks.

I have heard that most of the people in that group are actually women.

I love this third person Thursday, BTW! :)

Chloe said...

You audition for some trippy stuff, my friend...

Heather said...

You should have painted your face blue because if it was half as good as your green witch face, they wouldn't have even had you play the drums! Can't wait to hear how it goes...

Kage said...

heather, I did wear some wicked blue eye shadow, and I pulled all my hair back including my bangs to give the illusion of a dome-headed creature.

nowlze said...

wooHOOO!!! that would be awesome if you were a blue (wo)man!!!

you know they wear bald caps, right? no shaving of the heads.

and my hubby can always give you drum lessons should you want to brush up on your skillz!

how exciting!!

Roses said...

Aha! You switched your major too early, my friend. :o) My percussion class ROCKED that kind of stuff. Go DePaul.