Thursday, January 31, 2008

Third Person Thursday

As a parent of a child attending the school and participating in the Winter Choral Concert, she was invited to sing with the Parent and Faculty Group.

She couldn't attend the first two rehearsals, so she only had one rehearsal before the day-of rehearsal. The night before her daughter said: "Mom, you need to practice," in a tone that suggested that she was not at all prepared to perform in her choral concert.

On the way to the morning rehearsal before the concert, she practiced on the subway train. Her daughter observed: "Mom, people think you are singing for money, you need to be quieter."

During the rehearsal, the 3rd grade classroom teacher introduced herself: "Hi, I don't make it up to the 5th floor very often, so I haven't met you, I'm Annie*."

She replied: "Oh, I don't work here, I'm actually a daughter is Daisy*."

Annie replied: "Oh, I'm sorry."

She tried to make her feel less embarrassed, but just ended up embarrassing herself: "Oh, it's ok, I know I'm a little young to be one of the moms." Implying that Annie is old? Because she happened to know that she had a daughter the same age as her own. She was glad they had to start singing again.

After the rehearsal and a visit to the allergist (she found out she is NOT allergic to eggs as she feared), she returned to the concert hall about an hour early, in case she had to do another rehearsal or sit somewhere special or be responsible for something or other that she didn't remember. As she was waiting in the lobby her daughter's class exited the concert hall to go up to their room and get ready for the concert. Out marched 14 little 5-year-olds wih black pants and skirts and white tops, except for her daughter who was wearing hot pink.

She said to the teacher: "I thought it was black on the bottom and a color on the top!"
The teacher said: "I put a note in the folder last night! White tops! It's totally ok though, at least she's clean."
She thought: Is she not normally clean?

She asked her daughter if she was ok with wearing pink when everyone else was wearing white and she seemed utterly unaffected.

She sat for a few minutes, called her husband and told him. He convinced her that it was time to go to the Gap across the street and get her a white shirt. So she did. And it was better that way. She stands out enough as the only blue-eyed blond-haired child in the class, she doesn't need to be the only child wearing hot pink on top of that.

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

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