Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I am truly beat.

It takes a lot of will power for me to get through my days these days. I have to just take a deep breath and push through until 7 PM bed time when I can say goodbye to the chilly willies. I think part of it is the fact that I am still relatively under the weather but trying to live my regularly-paced life. Another part is that I have not returned to exercise yet, which in my getting-older age really affects my energy level.

The best part of my day today was the potty-training moments. We took away the pull-ups on Friday afternoon and have been doing cold-turkey potty training since. This morning Lil Sis was hilarious...she yelled:

Lil Sis: "Emergency! Emergency!"
I replied: "What?" (even though I already suspected)
Lil Sis: "Lil Sis pee-peed on the ground!" I loved that she called herself her own name and took a page out of Big Sis' book by yelling EMERGENCY! EMERGENCY!

Later that day she RUNS past me into the bathroom as fast as she can. I said: "What?" She said: "I'm going big-giants" (big giants=poop). So onto the toilet she went! Yes!

Later in the afternoon I was at my fitting for the Pull-ups commercial and I stepped into my holding room's bathroom. When I finished she ran in: "I have to go bathroom too!" Eureka!

And finally tonight as she was trying to confiscate one of her potty prizes, I explained to her that she couldn't have a prize unless she went to the bathroom in the potty. She said: "OK!" and I heard the pee. When I went in to check on her she was sitting on the toilet peeing THROUGH her panties.

Oh my.


Lisa said...

What a champ! You gotta love Lil Sis!

Chloe said...

THROUGH the panties? Oh mylanta...

Heather said...

I made Jed take a break from the debate to read your blog to him. We are both cracking up! Especially her trying to confiscate potty prizes...sneaky devil! Good luck with potty training, commercials, and feeling better!

Ann said...

congrats on the so-far-rather-successful potty training! but the funniest thing to me about this post was where I read: 'I was at my fitting for the Pull-ups.' First time through I was picturing you in adult-sized pull ups!

hope the potty training goes well and that you get better fast!

Kage said...


onehm said...

So funny!!
I was the lucky one to potty train two little sweeties at the same time!
Going "commando" (think Friends...aka No Undies, or anything else, for that matter) was the BEST thing we ever did!
I'm glad that you (and Lil' Sis) are finding success!

Anonymous said...

ok-the "big giants" is hilarious! the names we come up with as moms!!!!

Laura said...

Love these potty training moments. I tell ya going cold turkey was pretty motivating for my little ones too. We still use pull ups at night though. I had had several pee through the panties moments here too!