Monday, February 25, 2008

Crazy Callbacks

It's been a little crazy with callbacks and last minute auditions and STILL battling a terrible terrible virus and yadda yadda yadda.

When I shot the Visine commercial this past weekend I was told the reason I booked it was my nice eyes and the way my brow furrowed. I KNEW there was a reason I shouldn't start botox yet! I took a picture of my brow so that all of you aspiring eye-drops actors out there could take a lesson in superior brow-furrowing.

My first and second auditions for Pull-ups involved me waving and nodding stoicly (is that a word?), and in the words of the director: "Wave Like Cate Blanchett in a fantasy film giving your little one permission to take a step and become a hobbit girl." (all in a British accent). The second callback (3rd time seen for this job) was this morning. I arrived to a room full of little girls that looked and acted just like Lil Sis (I was feeling a little bad that she wasn't up for the commercial with me, even though she was never called to audition....which why would she be since she has no commercial agent?), and I watched as little ones were ushered in and out of the room with a promise to go blow some bubbles.

Finally I was escorted in a room full of people all scrunched together behind a desk with a camera rolling inconspicuously to one side. I walked in and the baby wrangler gestured to the 2-year-old-of-the-moment and said: "This is Gabriella." And that was it.

I knelt down and looked at her and the second baby wrangler looked at me and said: "Do you want to play with some bubbles?" I went with it....little Gabriella and I played bubbles for about 90 seconds and then they abruptly said: THANK YOU and my second callback was over.

Playing bubbles with a random toddler was a far cry from being Cate Blanchett in a forest with a ring and long beautiful locks...I left having no clue if I even had a chance. Later that afternoon, after I had returned home from my second callback of the day (for Coppertone...I know....self-tanning does wonders people...even for the pasty pasties), I got a call for a last minute audition for Pizza Hut. Lil Sis was excited about that because she got to finish off the pepperoni pizza slice that I had to anticipate, delight and be surprised about for the audition.


marian said...

you are a BUSY WOMAN these days! So exciting. So the Huggies is a national commercial as well? Two in a week? Girl!

Kage said...

Yes, both National, yes 2 in one's my new record.....from 2 in a year to 2 in a week!

Gedde Adventures said...

Hi, so I am not sure, but I think I saw the Visine commercial yesterday! I heard the word visine to look at the TV and see just a furrowed brow, and that was all, so it could have been you... I will let you know if I see it again!

Kage said...

gedde, thanks but that's impossible!!! After Mar. 15th, than it's probably will recognize me, they show my whole face!

Gedde Adventures said...

Oh Ok good, I was thinking that was too quick, but I wasn't sure! I will watch for it eventually then :)

Laura said...

Yeah for you! I know you said commercials are the best gigs to get. I will keep my eye out (literally) for the visine commercial in the future.