Friday, February 01, 2008

My Loves January

My Loves...

Lil Sis
"I can't take a nap" song in the middle of our "sing the months" song....random and so passionate.

While I was trying to take a 35-minute, timed nap, you lunged at my sleeping face with a lollipop in your mouth, and the stick stuck in my eye. A few minutes later you were trying to pry my eyes open and asking: "What color are were eyes?" Darling, I just wanted 35 minutes, and you know what color my eyes are!!!

In the middle of the night Daddy and I checked on you and while tucking you in you stirred and I joked, "Time to wake up! Time for school!" You then said without even opening your eyes: "Just Kidding"

When we all went to the dermatologist for our skin cancer screenings, I explained that the doctor was just going to look at our dots. When we got there: "I can't want the doctor to look at my polka dots!"

"There I was on the highest mountain in all the universe..." I sang as I practiced for an upcoming audition, and you responded: "I don't Like that song. We're not on a mountain!"

While watching Hairspray, seeing John Travolta come on as the mom and she immediately insisted it was the FATHER, NOT the mother.

At the casting: Is it my turn? Holding the number and smiling on command for the first time...and your smile transformed you by about 10 years.....I was so proud.

Big Sis
Asking me if Bear could wear my "morning glasses" I thought it was so cute that you called my hot pink, cat-eye vintage frames my morning glasses...I guess I do only wear them in the morning.

On the way home from school: "Mom, the bathroom flooded today." Me: "Oh, what happened, was it the toilet or the sink or what?" You: "I think it was my diarrhea."

Being so thrilled at being invited to play in your teacher's recital in June.

Telling me all the gory details of the 2nd grader who bit his tongue open and ended up leaving in an ambulence.

Being the only one in the concert to wear a hot pink shirt while all the other kids were wearing white, and being totally ok with that.

Being so excited about Family Home Evening, ever since we got our new assignment chart.

Getting up in the morning and making the lunches
Calling me to tell me about the Wall Street Journal, bragging about us around the office
Getting the donuts, even though you were denied a second dozen.
Promotion...good job....nice parking news!


Anonymous said...

i always love your "my loves" blogs! they are so sweet-great idea!!

Heather said...

These are also my favorite blogs. You have such a great family! We love you guys.

Linda May said...

My mom did this kind of thing for me and my siblings. Keep it up your family will always cherish these writings. You are such a good little mommie! I hope I will be at least nearly as great.