Saturday, February 02, 2008

Saturday's Adventure: Obama Rally

We ventured out to the WOMEN FOR OBAMA rally on Saturday. We arrived right when it was starting, and played the kid card to weasle our way to the very front row. There we listened to a variety of women all in support of Obama.

My Littlest Sis would have been excited to hear Kerry Butler sing God Bless America while holding her sleeping toddler. I was most inspired by one of Obama's foreign policy advisors, Samantha Power.

We got a lot of attention for our homemade sign (the back of the OBAMA sign will make it's debut on the blog on Tuesday), and badges. I am still hoping that Lil Sis makes it on the Daily News website...she was photographed by them a lot.

Our favorite chants were OBAMA 08! NEW YORK STATE! Though, Lil sis often said CITY instead of STATE...she doesn't quite get ryhming I guess. We also yelled a lot of FIRED UP! and READY TO GO!

We even made it on aNew York Times blog. The pic is Big Sis with my friend Joy-Joy.

Super Tuesday here we come!


Eric said...

You know what's interesting is Obama was actually in the great state of Idaho and speaking down at Boise State University at probably the exact same time you were at your rally in New York... weird. :)

Susan said...

You might enjoy this music video of Obama's South Carolina "Yes We Can" speech:


LJ said...

Your girls were SO cute in those pictures! I bet it was a really cool experience for them to be at the rally in NYC. I always thought NYC was pro-Hillary because of her being a senator from there. It's nice to know that there are Obama supporters there too! :)

courtini said...

ahhhh i love kerry butler
so jealous