Saturday, February 16, 2008

Set your Tivo

I have been sick sick sick since Thursday. I am still completely wiped out today. I HAVE to get better for my President's Day surprise for the girls!

My agent emailed me several weeks ago on behalf of her friend who coordinates the audiences for The View. There is a kids-themed show on the 18th and we have seats! I have been getting emails from them about how we are to proceed on Monday morning. We don't have to wait in the audience line, we just go straight through security and go upstairs to eat breakfast. I think that we are getting special seats for the Laurie Berkner portion of the show. Now, I could be totally wrong about this, because up until a week ago I thought we were going to the Martha Stewart Show, but no, it's The View.

So, please set your tivo for The View on the 18th in case you get some sneak peaks at us in the audience, you never know. Check out the rest of the show details for the 18th here.


LJ said...

How cool that you get to go to the View! It would be so fun if you got to take your girls to the Laurie Berkner performance! I will be sure to tune in that day. Hope you feel better soon! Those winter colds will wipe you out- especially when you're a busy mommy. Have a wonderful time!

Jill Ann said...

WOW! I saw you and your girls a TON! I bet it was so much fun!