Tuesday, February 05, 2008


If your primaries are today, go vote. If you are not registered to vote, go register! I found some more links to the NYC Rally we went to on Saturday.

Lil Sis is here.

All of us here.

On a green note, Saturday morning's activity was to take some paper and cardboard and recycle them into signs. I gave the girls some red and blue markers and crayons and glue and we made a sign. I used some painter's tape that I had left over from our painting endeavors last spring and taped it all up. For the badges we cut out circles from FedEx Boxes and decorated them with sharpies and taped them with the tape. It was really fun.

And this:


Trina said...

I saw this T-shirt and thought of you and your daughters: http://www.lowercasetee.com/. I think that it's awesome that you look them to a political rally and that you're modeling to them that we each have a voice to share and vote to cast.

Trina said...

One more thing to share...www.yeswecansong.com.

Kage said...

Trina, I went to add this video to my post today, is it the same as your link?

marian said...

yes it is - I'll answer for Trina :-)

Rachel H said...

that video is too cool- Hillary can't compete with that.. Obama is rockin' and he's gotta get that primary. People can NOT choose Hilary over HIM! He's quite a moving speaker, and he's awfully good looking for a pres. candidate. (and that's from a ROMNEY fan-hah!)