Thursday, February 21, 2008

Third Person Thursday or Niki Taylor Cooties

She remembers her first photoshoot ever was back when she was 14. She had won a beauty contest and was flown to Minneapolis to be on the cover of a magazine for a Midwestern Department Store Chain (Remember Marshall Fields?).

The makeup artist told her that she had just recently done Niki Taylor's makeup. She was so excited about that. She thought to herself: "These brushes were used on Niki Taylor the most famousist Super Model in the whole world!"

Cut to 14 years later and she is sitting in the chair at her Walmart Print job. The makeup artist started talking about the girl's makeup she was doing the day before and how her client had been in the hospital with the flu at 2 AM and had to be ready to be on set at 2 PM. Her client even had IV punctures in her neck to prove her ordeal. She wondered why they couldn't make other arrangments for the client if she was that ill, and the makeup artist explained that it was for a tv show, and the client was Niki Taylor.

When she heard this she thought it was ironic that this was happening artist, Niki Taylor, etc....and then she made a silent wish that she would be spared the illness.

The next day at precisely 8 AM something hit her with full force. She had the mother of all viruses, and was so hot and having such a hard time breathing, that if she had been Niki Taylor, she might've gone to the hospital too. For the next several days she struggled to find health as she was on and off with the fever, trying not to pee every five seconds for the havoc-wreaking coughs leaping out of her body, and trying to be un-miserable. The doctor said it was a virus and to rest and drink.

Needless to say, she did not experience the same warm and fuzzy feelings that she had as a young model just starting out. Sharing brushes in this instance, did not mean caring.


marian said...

oh my. :-(

LJ said...

Cool story! Sad that you got so sick- didn't the makeup artist think about that? I think you could give Niki Taylor a run for her money. Has it really been 14 years since we were 14? Yikes!