Thursday, February 07, 2008

Third Person Thursday

She had a casting in the early afternoon as a young mom for Apple. She was told to wear very natural makeup and very little product in her hair. She basically just dressed like she normally does and wore very light makeup.

Before she went she had a quick lunch with her friend who offered on the spot to watch Lil Sis for the afternoon. She took her up on it with a promise of watching her son some time in the future.

She went to the casting and then headed to pick up Big Sis from school. Right as school was letting out she got a call from her manager that she had an audition for a popular soap opera in a half hour. She was just a few blocks away from the casting office, so she headed straight there despite the fact that she had no headshot and resume and was not wearing what she might have normally worn for a general soap opera audition. She was so relieved that Lil Sis was with her friend.

When she got there, she noticed the other girls auditioning for the part had on very heavy makeup and really short skirts and boots. One of them had a copy of the script for her to look at. She read it over and realized it was a hooker scene. She was about to leave, but she kept reading and saw that the hooker redeemed herself by really being an actress playing a hooker, and she further talked herself into staying because she hadn't auditioned for this particular soap in about 5 years.

It was time to go in, and in she marched with her snowboots, jeans and scrapbook thermal (kind of like this one), followed by three hookers actors. In a last ditch effort to get her hooker on, she put on some red lipstick that she had in her bag.

She did the best she could (as always), with very little time with the script and her mommy clothes on. Her daughter was very good sitting out in the waiting room, as she wasn't about to let her come in for THAT audition.


Heather said...

oooh so exciting...keep us posted!
Love the shirt...Xo

Melissa said...

great story. i would love to see you get your hooker on in your mom clothes.
ps - kyle thinks (and I semi agree) that the girl doing the commercial for zyrtec maybe? in a yellow shirt is your twin. Do you know her? She looks a lot like you.