Thursday, February 14, 2008

Weekend Report: Part 4

The Plane! The Plane! My F-I-L bought a prop plane a few years ago and we finally got a chance to go up in it for the first time this past weekend. He is such an amazing pilot, which I already knew, but had not personally experienced. I also discovered that he has this great hidden talent that I call Pilot Voice. I requested that he use his pilot voice for the rest of the night and during all dinner conversation, but apparently it is a voice that only comes out when calling in landing requests and such.


Chloe said...

Love it! And the O eye rolling is classic

Lizbeth said...

Wow, those mountains are amazing in the video. Cute song choice!

E-Dawg said...

Olive doesn't seem to impressed. You can take the girl out of the city but can't take the city out of the girl.
Looks like a blast, what an opportunity!

Elizabeth S said...

Ha ha. The eye rolling was too much.

Melissa said...

My dad used to take me flying when I was a little girl - and those are some GREAT memories. Your daughters will never forget that experience!

I should also ask -
do you ever have a day when you just do nothing and/or look like crap? You AMAZE me on a daily basis!

Kage said...

ha ha ha ha. There are very few days where I do being an exception because I am sick as a dog. Even Thurs and Fri (when the sickness started and got worse), I could not rest because I had so much to do. I do have a tendency to get flat on my back sick occasionally, I think because I do not take a lot of time to rest.

As for looking like crap. If I don't have an audition I do not put on makeup. I know some women would not imagine leaving the house without makeup on, I am NOT one of those women. I also wear makeup to church. I feel less of a schlump when I wear it, and I have tried to be more respectful in my appearance at church (years ago I hardly ever did my makeup for church, mostly because I often had a matinee to perform in after, and would need to put makeup on then). So please don't be too amazed....remember blogging is selective sharing! ha!