Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Wrangling for MTV

Today at 1:08 I got a phone call, where are you? you were supposed to be here at 1:00.

I hopped in a cab, so grateful that they all now have debit card machines because I usually have no cash. I was there just a few minutes later, but still late. I was told more than twice that my call time was 1:30.

As if the set wasn't chaotic enough (a pattern of white skulls on baby blue with 6 feet tall faux speakers, keyboards, dj station, drumset, guitars, microphones, headphones, teddybears, a cradle and an equipment case all painted the same baby blue...also blocks, bottles and binkies scattered around on top of everything), there were about 20 adults on the set all trying to help one baby play the drums.

Arriving late to the set, when shooting has already begun, it is extremely difficult to gain control of the situation. Someone else has already become the proxy baby wrangler, and proper introductions have not been made. The proxy handed me this little red ribbon and told me the baby likes red...thanks but I got it covered. It took me about 30 or 40 minutes to gain the respect of the photographer and staff...since I was late to the scene. Those first several moments were quite excruciating. It was loud MTV music, loud, MTV personalities, loud, MTV set, naked babies (except for a diaper), overly helpful parents, and my virus following close behind. At the end of the day, when I took off my kneepads, my knees were soaking wet, that's how feverish I still was.

After the initial misery and after the excitement had died down and those 20 adults got bored (MTV has a short attention span? no....), I really felt my stride begin. And then the photographer showed his respect by looking me in the eye and then I found that he actually started trusting and depending on me. Relief. After we had balanced babies on stools (almost lost one, I have a good catch reflex), balancing babies high on top of those speakers, torturing them by forcing them to wear headphones they did not want to wear, and tricking them into throwing blocks, kissing microphones and clapping their hands over and over and over again, it was all over.

I wonder if the show is going to be as chaotic as the photoshoot!

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Rachel H said...

Wow- that sounds hectic! Funny, you don't think about the background stuff that goes into making their crazy videos- if there are babies involved- then someone has to make those shots happen somehow! Interesting!I think you deserved a Jamba Juice (or whatever that juice place's name is now!)after that- with some healthy booster..