Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bloody Brain

I got a call yesterday afternoon from my doctor.

She finally opened up the dvd that I brought her with my Cat Scan and MRI on it. She and the radiologist at Cornell looked it over and decided together that I do not have calcifications on my brain, but the spots were/are blood.

I immediately started freaking out as I stood in the middle of busy Times Square with my little daughter and my husband thousands of miles away. I said to her: "I'm freaking out right now."

She assured me that everything is going to be ok and is ok, but that I needed to have a second MRI performed.

I, of course went to that place where I picture blood gushing out of my head or congealing and causing a stroke or any manner of hideous bloody events occurring simultaneously and rendering me incapable of getting my daughters home to safety.

Then I had to remind myself that the doctor said everything was ok and that I have been fine and in fact getting better and better with each passing day. The main conclusion that she made is that the spots on my MRI did not cause the seizure, but were a result of the head trauma. I do not know where this next leads. I imagine the results of the EEG that I had on Friday will be rather imperative to the diagnosis that looms in the distance.


CJ said...

I'm so sorry that you are going through something so scary. My daughter was recently (last week) diagnosed with Epilepsy after a highly abnormal EEG. As a parent I am terrified at the thought of what she will have to endure. I can only imagine the fear you must be facing as you try to deal with this and with keeping your children healthy and happy.

A Mom's worries never end...

Good luck to you.

Melissa said...

Oh Kristy, you are in my prayers.

nymanzanita said...

Kage...Sorry to hear this news. You will be fine! I am sure that it is scary for you right now but know that people are praying and fasting in your behalf. You and your family will be blessed....just continue to have faith!

Sue said...

I was looking through an old scrapbook of mine today and came across a "get well" packet you gave me. I think I was weepy over some stupid boy or something, but I thought I would send some of your own 12-year-old poetry your way. It always cheered me up H and it made me laugh today. Here is my favorite passage:

"STOP Crying and using up toilet paper. First of all, kleenex is a much better thing to use when it comes to snots, boogers and phlem. They are nice and rectangular-shaped so they can hold a lot more than some flimsy toilet tissue that is used to wipe up..."(here you specified some numbers!! Yuck. You included #3. Is this some new bodily thing I don't know about?) Back to your wonderful advice: "Now let me hear you say, "Ooooooh, I feel good. I feel sooooo goood" If this doesn't work, take some fabulous advice and splurge on a giant pack of Kleenex at Sam's Club. Thinking of you, "Babe" and sending happy thoughts your way.

Aprilyn said...

Hang in there Kristy. You will be in my prayers. I'll put your name on the prayer roll at the Mount Timpanogos Temple too. I will keep looking for the next update. Kids are resilient little buggers. You guys can make it through this! You DID get a blessing...right? Even if the blessing just comforts you to know that you can make it through this trial. My 3 yr old has been a HUGE trial since he arrived 6+ weeks too early. I have come to realize that, although I sure wish it would happen, and sometimes I pray for it, Marshall will not suddenly be different. He was sent to Earth this way and it's my job to learn to help him and learn to be patient. It's SOOOO hard!!!! I wish Heavenly Father would just make him a "normal" kid but that's not in the cards right now.
I will fast for you.