Saturday, March 01, 2008

My Loves February

Big Sis:
Going to the Rally with me.
Sitting down and watching CNN with me to learn about the candidates
Being so good about going to my last minute audition.
Showing interest in singing with me at the funeral
Composing on your violin all afternoon.
Choosing to read in the morning instead of watching tv.
The way you say "LiTTle Bear" while reading Little Bear.
Organizing our FHE

Lil Sis:
Obama 08! New York.....City.
The way you say Ridicalus
Your fascination with my mud mask
Your little sitting dance during The View and your sweet little high five to Ms. Berkner herself.
All the potty training stories: "Emergency! Emergency! Lil Sis pee-peed on the ground!" and screaming at me across the apartment: "I'm----GOING-----BIG----GIANTS!" (Big Giants = Poop because one day you pooped and Dad said: "Whoa, that was a big giant poop!")

Bear Hugs during Grief.
Being open about change....for your hair at least.
Taking the girls to the polling place at 6:30 in the morning, because of their Obama Fever, even though you voted for Mitt.
Cleaning the house and taking care of the girls and me while I was very sick.
Considering changing your vote. How surprising.
Your new short haircut.
Making oatmeal for yourself when I just cannot cook.

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