Monday, March 31, 2008

My Loves ~ March

When I am forced to my bed with a debilitating health issue, which has been my story more times than I care to count, I always rise with a greater appreciation of my blessings.

This month I have been forged ever closer to my Posse. My loves have rallied around me without missing a beat or shedding a tear. They have done nothing but treat me with love and honor and energy and carried my passions and enthusiasms for me, when I could not do it myself.

Acting when I made that disoriented phone call.
Coming Straight home, when my friend reported my state.
Staying with me in the hospital hour after hour, day after day.
Getting me that bedpan and once my stomach was feeling better a few days later, that milkshake.
Listening to my thoughts and fears and sorrows.
Tackling this with peace and serenity and unconditional love.
Battling your stomach flu in between the hospital and your business trip.
Working so hard at your job, church responsibilities and the kids, when you could see I couldn't do it all.
Spending Friday with us at the egg hunt and lunch and costco.
Hanging out with your BFF Lil Sis while Big Sis and I were out with friends.
Taking big Sis and Grammy to Mary Poppins and enjoying so much of it.
Agreeing to let us go on a little trip in April.
Figuring out how to pay all the medical bills.
Doing three loads of dishes on Sunday around the Easter meal.
Cleaning the house.
Washing Lil Sis' sheets.

Big Sis:
Turning 6. You are so excited to be 6.
Your joy at receiving a Smith Corona Typewriter for your birthday, and going to see Mary Poppins.
Thinking that Grammy came to celebrate your birthday (as opposed to caring for your sick mom).
Practicing so many hours with me.
Doing so well at your Violin Recital.
Being so excited about reading your books.
Reading Hugo Cabret with me.
Taking your ballet class seriously, and your assignment as leader as well.
Being excited about Easter Dinner and desiring to keep the house clean because we were expecting guests.
Loving all the easter festivities.
Going to see Horton Hears a Who with you. You retelling the 96 daughters part for weeks.
Helping me with Easter Dinner.

Lil Sis:
Doing so well at your potty training. Always telling us like this: FRANTIC TONE: "I'm GOING pee-pees or I'm GOING big giants"
Being SO brave at your first dentist appointment.
Being such a good walker to the subway since the car priveleges have changed.
When Daddy announced we were going, you being so dissappointed that we had to go on the train again, your delight when you realized, Daddy still drives!
Looking so cute in your Easter outfit, and knowing it.
Singing more and more, especially Little Einsteins.
Your Dance moves...they are awesome, especially when we watch Dancing With the Stars.
Asking me: What Time is it? multiple times a day
Being a great roommate with Grammy.


petit elefant said...

I can't figure out how to email you. Maybe you don't have your email posted in case of stalkers, or maybe I'm email retarded. At any rate, I saw you on runway moms {guilty pleasure during nap time} and then came across your blog {providence I think}. Anyway, you have a great blog and I peek in now and then to see what you've been up to. I have a blog you might like to read called Petit Elefant. {}
Come by and say hello.
Be well,

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