Friday, March 14, 2008


The past week has been full of tears.

Especially at night, I get quite weepy for a variety of reasons. Tears of Joy thankfully outnumber Tears of Sorrow, but I admit there has been a lot of both.

Tonight I am tearing up because my mom has been here with me taking care of us all week, and she is leaving in the morning. I wrote a letter to her here. I will miss her so much, but I am so grateful that she took time out of her life to help us.


amydc said...

Kristy- you are certainly in my prayers. What a sweet, sweet letter to your mother. I know you are going to adjust wonderfully. You just seem like that type of soul. Clearly you have a love for people & a love for life in general. Live it up girl!!!

wendysue said...

It's amazing no matter how old we are there are times when you just need your mom. I know it wasn't the best of circumstances but what a good week to be together.

nowlze said...

that was such a sweet letter to your mom! i can relate to the many people i know have families who are just waiting for them to "settle down" and "get a real job". how fortunate we are that our moms respect and see the beauty in our choices (and revel in the fun experiences!).

if you need anything, i am probably but 10 minutes from you in williamsburg, and have a car to boot. just shoot me an email.


LJ said...

Kage, I am SO sorry for all the pain and tears you have gone through the past few days. The seizure must have been SO scary! Thank goodness for wonderful mothers to help us- even when we are mothers ourselves! I still need my mom. God bless you and your sweet family. You are still gorgeous!!

Melissa said...

I adore your mother. I'm not sure I ever told her that, but I've always had a sort-of silent appreciation and awe for her. She is lovely through and through, and you're so lucky to have her in your life.

I hope that the recovery continues to go well!