Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Tuesday, March 4th

6 AM. Alarm Goes Off.

I roll out of bed and quickly turn it off so as not to wake up the chilly willies.

Shower and Blow Dry hair, bug my DH as he is doing his normal morning duties.

6:20 Try to get Lil Sis to go potty with no success, pass that off to DH too.

7 AM Practice Violin for 30 minutes.

7:45 Have a quick scripture, family prayer and say goodbye to DH and Big Sis.

Get dressed, gather my stuff, check my email, give the babysitter instructions

8:20 Out the door.

8:59 Arrive at my wrangling job 1 minute early.

9:00-10:46 wrangle the crap out of 4 different kids....thank my lucky stars that I am actually getting released SO early.

11:14 arrive at my 11:30 go-see for Omnaris in the Flat Iron district. Wait. Smile, Show discomfort, Flare my nostrils while breathing in, look relieved.

12:02 Arrive at my Nikon go-see in Times Square. Smile with teeth and without, stop to go to the bathroom.

12:30 Arrive at my Sundisk go-see in Soho. I am the only one there, I am in and out in about 2 minutes and 15 seconds. Seriously, my day could not be going better.

Head to the 6 train and head to Union Square. Chant: "Stay Sunny, Stay Sunny, Stay Sunny!" for about a 15 minute walk. Stop to get lunch even though I am not hungry, bring it with me.

1:04 Arrive at my 2:00 PM audition for LG (still not sure what that is...some sort of phone thingy with a cross promotion of a new feature film coming out), knowing that I will be waiting for an hour but totally ok with that because I want to be the first one signed in.

2:04 Leave the audition and realize it is raining and I don't have an umbrella. Grab the first cab I see and double-check that it has a working debit card machine. Arrive at my 3:00 PM audition at 2:15. I hear the girl who has signed up right behind me call her agent about her next audition, which happens to be the same as mine. Her time is 1 hour before mine. The compassionate side of me wants to let her go in front of me, but I have my day timed down to the minute, and I can't help her out. At 2:30 I do the Olive Garden audition and then run out in the rain again.

I hailed 4 different cabs, the 4th was the 1st to have a working debit card machine. Took it from 49th and 3rd across town to pick up my daughter. She jumps in the cab and we head all the way down to the Meat District. When I go to pay the debit card machine actually does NOT work.

I jump out and go to the archaic ATM at the gas station. I press the buttons and get $20 out when I really want $40. I stifle an expletive because I don't want to pay the stupid ATM fee twice, but I have no choice because I have no cash. Do the ATM all over again so that now I have a full $40 dollars at the cost of about $8-. I give the cab guy a generous tip for having to wait (even though the machine was not my fault), and don't even wait for my receipt, because remember...it's RAINING!

3:45 Arrive 10 minutes early for my final audition for the day. AND there are free cupcakes that have the VISA logo on it, so Big Sis and I get to have a treat while we wait. Notice that the girl from the Olive Garden audition (who was going to be late and I didn't exercise compassion on) was signed in right before me, which I found interesting considering I had to take such a roundabout route (pick up Big Sis, ATM drama) to get to the audition.

4:06 Perform my best REACH toothbrush audition, then walk to the nearest subway and arrive home at the exact time that my DH does.

5:20 Spaghetti Night!

6:00 PM Second violin practice

6:30 Reading with Big Sis, tucked in by 6:52

7:15 Have a quick Girls night a few blocks away.

9:00 Arrive home to watch MSNBC and the primary results.

10:15 Finish this post.


Jill Ann said...

Wow. That's all I can say about your harried, but well-organized day. Wow.

Chloe said...

Oh girl, that makes me tired...

Lisa said...

You are amazing!

Heather said...

Nothing warms my heart like an organized day!

Rachel H said...

You are seriously impressive. I have no idea what it would be like to "schlepp" (as you say) around everywhere all day long like that! What an expereince of life you are having! That is great.

Tiring sounding to me now- as I can barely make it up my own 2 flights of stairs in my house being prego....but impressive. =)

MKC said...

Wow Kage. That's impressive, I would've been so stressed! You even made dinner and had a girls night! Very impressive!

Linz said...

I need a nap just reading that!

pam said...

Wow, I just found your blog and it is fabulous to hear of your busy day in living in the city. I would love to live in NYC, it is a dream of mine. I can now live vicariously through you, cool! Thanks for sharing your day!

Linda May said...

You are amazing. And to think that those days happen more often than we know... I wish I could be more avail to help. Try me always anyway. Here's to more jam packed and succes full days. Can't wait for the post that says you had 6 jobs in one day.

tracy m (dandelion mama) said...

Holy craptastic, woman! I hope occasionally you re-read some of these- All I did today was sit on the couch and wipe all of our sniffly noses.