Monday, March 24, 2008

Life Imitating Work

In 2004 I did my first big pharmaceutical print job for an anti-seizure drug.

When it came out, I loved the patient profile they gave me, you can see it below...a name, weight, age etc. Do I really look 17 here? I was 24.

As I am mentally preparing for my doctor's appointment today, the information in this print job I did actually appeals to me, I will probably ask my doctor about this drug today.


marian said...

hope all goes well today and that you get some of the information you've been looking for. xo

Kelly King Anderson said...

You're in my prayers too... I love that you are brave and sharing your pain and fears, I'm sure it's difficult to be so raw here on the web, but you have garnered many more blessings and prayers as a result. Blessings from Spanish Fork Utah and all Startup Princesses everywhere. What a miracle you have support, church, friends, family, and angels on your right hand and on your left to bear you up. You're going to find the answers you seek!

LJ said...

Wow- such irony. I hope the doctor's appointment goes well and that you find hope and peace through this difficult time. Your little girls are SO darling in the Easter pictures!