Tuesday, April 08, 2008

29 years ago today...

I have had some bad birthdays.

I am sure the day I was born might have been slightly traumatic, but I don't remember it. I had some bad bad bad stomach flu when I was 8 years old. Then my birthdays were pretty good for a while. At age 26 I was way too pregnant, begging my midwives to please get the baby out. They tried the next day but were unsuccessful at breaking my water...so I had to wait another week. Last year I had terrible strep throat.

In general, birthdays can go in the good category or bad. Today was probably my first middle and bending a little towards bad birthdays. I'm not going to lie. It was because I had to spend my day with my toddler. She and I are exactly the same so we love each other and we hate each other. I have said it before, and it hasn't changed, and I am hoping that it will...that we will have more love and less hate one day. She made me play too many puzzles today...so I think on her birthday next week I am going to force her to sit down and watch like 7 Oprah's in a row.

She was also generally sour, cranky and tantrummy today and prohibited me from sleeping in and reading, the two things that I truly wanted to do this morning. So, tomorrow I am going to have a birthday re-do. I am going to savor the few hours that I have to myself while toddler is at school. I think there will be shopping and lunching involved, and just a quick little consultation at the endodontist where I will get my reading in while I inevitably wait for my appointment. One thing I will give Lil Sis is that her gift to me was being accident-free for about 1 month. She actually had her first quite random accident yesterday, and I am just going to pretend that it didn't happened and that she is officially potty trained as her bestest birthday present to me!

I also want to thank my DH for the awesome new (much needed) video camera and beautiful full-length mirror for our bedroom. I also love the anthropologie shirt that my mom sent to me. Thanks to everyone else who called, emailed and sent me cards and gifts. I felt the love today on my most depressing of birthdays. Seriously, 29 is probably one of the worst numbers to turn ever. Now I have a countdown to 30!!!!!!!


Brandy said...

i can relate about the turning 29. my bday was in january and it seems that 29 is worse than 30. i cried on my bday...im hoping that turning 30 will be a joy and not an emotional meltdown.

happy birthday!

nowlze said...

kage!!! happy birthday!!! i am sorry that lil sis drove you nuts.

i have been thinking of you! i think because you recc'd me for a job (which i couldn't do), but you've been on my mind!

if you still have my email, drop me a line because i would really love to share some news with you (i wish we would have a stinkin job together again soon).


knittingirl said...

Girl... 30 is an entirely different subject! (I'm creeping up on 31... ouch)
and it's good to know I'm not the only one who has "days" with my toddler/pre-schooler. *sigh of relief*

HK said...

Happy Birthday today and tomorrow too. What more could a girl ask for - you have a family who loves you, friends who are pulling for you in your good times and bad, and the love and protection from Heavenly Father - you are truly blessed. And your mom has it right about the 50s. Enjoy your 29th year - and remember, it keeps gets better.

LJ said...

Happy Birthday, Kage! It was my little boy's birthday yesterday too! I think we all need breaks every once in awhile. Preschoolers can be tiring! I definitely have those days with mine too. Hope you had a great day and you can schedule in some "me" time soon! :)

Laura said...

Happy Birthday! This post totally made me smile. I love how real you were about loving and hating each other. I love my toddlers too but I have days where there is WAY too much crying or doll playing to be called a me day. No way on a birthday. I love how you compared it to 7 Oprah's too.

Glad you are smart enough to redo the day for you! You deserve it. Hoping tomorrow can tilt it closer to good, atleast for that day!

Oh and 30 is great. You get to know more and more who you are and enjoy it!

Aprilyn said...

You are so young! Happy Birthday!! I was in the hospital recovering from an emergency C-Section on my 30th birthday. Maybe that's why I didn't really care so much about turning 30. I was too worried about my baby whom I hadn't even been able to see yet.
My toddler is exhausting too. I guess technically he is a pre-schooler now but still!!! I hope you have a great birthday re-do tomorrow.