Tuesday, April 15, 2008


My little one turned 3 today.

I tried to make her birthday extra special by spending some quality time with her not only today, but also yesterday. Yesterday we went to the coolest playground in Central Park where we saw these crazy Juno Boys out promoting the release of the Juno DVD.

After that we had lunch at popburger with Dad. Lil Sis had a 7-UP for lunch, after rejecting all attempts at turkey-burger bites. We then headed to FAO Schwarz to pick out a birthday puzzle, only to run into the Extreme Cookie Challenge, thereby topping off the already sugary lunch with 5 different cookies.

Today we had a mini birthday party for her at the Central Park Zoo with our friends Heather and Fi. I took the most beautiful photos of the two girls at the zoo and of course I had a technical malfunction that I am still a bit steamed about. All of my gorgeous shots of Lil Sis from this morning to this afternoon are GONE. I did manage to save a few from the Happy Birthday Cupcake tonight. UGH. I might have to go back to the zoo JUST to get a few of those shots in...her feeding the animals...serious moxie there.

After an afternoon of lunching and walking, my friend, La-la-la Linda helped me with the kids while I got set up for my 24-hour EEG. Just a warning here, as you are scrolling down, I look HOT, and I feel even hotter. I called my agents tonight to see if there was ANYTHING I could go on tomorrow, because I think I might just clinch a few jobs ON THE SPOT. (I didn't really call them, don't worry). I will, however, be going to Costco tomorrow, but I have no worries about that because this is New York after all, and frankly I think I fit in BETTER with my new look, then when I am just myself.

Lil Sis, who in general quite prefers her Dad, was all over me as I walked out of my Electroding Room. She examined my head, asked if anything hurt and touched the gauze and wires. She held my hand the entire time from when she saw me, all the way out to the car. I think it was her little way of showing unconditional love for her mom. We had a love day Lil Sis and me. We've made it for 3 years. And I just love that little terror so much.


Linz said...

Wow, you did get something special at the doc today. You beat me!

When I had electrodes on my head, I was confined to a room. I'm sure NYC was accepting of your look.

Anonymous said...

I am offended that you are reading The Fountainhead. Rand is not your type.

Aprilyn said...

You look snazzy!! I'm glad you had a good day with Lil' Sis. Three year olds are TOUGH. Especially ones who can't sleep.

Jill Ann said...

It's a good thing our three-year-olds are cute, because if not, well, we won't go there.

Kage said...

anon, thanks for reminding me to update the sidebar!

Melissa said...


I've always wondered how far apart our daughters were. Afterall, you've been my inspiration for potty training.

Hope she had a wonderful, wonderful day!

Jed Eastman said...

Those pictures are CLASSIC! I want to hear all about it and just how many people stopped buying over-sized groceries to stare at the head gauze?!?! It was fun to see you guys for a bit on Wednesday. You know where we'll be...Charles bench.

Heather said...

Jed Eastman=Heather Eastman