Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Birthday Re-do

My birthday re-do did not happen today.

I woke up not feeling well. I blame my very bad mood and inability to cope with life in general on the meds. I dropped Lil Sis off at school and came home and went back to bed for 3 HOURS! I didn't even want to get up after that...I think I could have slept all day.

I am agitated and obsessing about little stupid things. I couldn't find my glasses for about 5 minutes and almost fell in a pile of my own tears over it. How I felt today was reminiscent of the bad depression days of 2006. I am hoping it is just a passing mood swing and that I will recover, but if I am not feeling more like myself in a few days, I will be giving the doc a call. Maybe she can add another pill to my regiment (read PROZAC).

In other news both of my agents called today. One had a go-see for a print job that I just "can't pass up", so I think I will try to go to my first one in 5 weeks tomorrow. My commercial agent called to see how I was doing and it really touched me that he would take time to see how I am doing with no strings attached. Lil Sis and I got along much better today. We spent a total of about 35 minutes you think that had anything to do with it?

Big Sis and I had a good day going to ballet class and practicing a new song that I assigned her on her violin to play in church some day in the future. During her ballet class I managed to score some great fabric at a local fabric store for her Halloween Costume. I know it's early, but you know us!

The most peace I felt today was while I listened to the 4th podcast of A New Earth. I am enjoying reading the book by Tolle and listening to him further explain some of the abstract concepts he writes about. It has been good timing to read it right now when I have a lot of questions about life in general, and it is helping me remember that I can seperate myself from the crazy feelings that sometimes pop up while I continue on this journey.


Aprilyn said...

I will call my friend tomorrow and ask her about the meds she takes for her seizures. She is also bi-polar so she is on quite a few meds. I hope you feel more like yourself soon.

LJ said...

Hang in there! :) I hope you know how great it is to read your blog as often as I can. What an amazing life you are leading living as a mom of two darling little girls in NYC! May God bless you as you go through this tough time... Thanks so much for sharing your adventures with your readers. I learn so much from you!