Thursday, April 10, 2008

Birthday Re-Re-do

Is Re-Re-do a word?

Today I tried again. Ok, first I realized that yesterday's apparent irrational grief really was not me, but part of the medicine situation. I woke up so happy today, thank goodness. It was a beautiful day today. Lil Sis and I went around the town enjoying the weather so much. I went to my first casting in a while, and I felt a little shaky...maybe nerves I wasn't expecting? Maybe because I didn't eat enough lunch? Maybe I was just having one of those days. I did have a bit of a dizzy day today.

After the casting I spent some quality time in my favorite clothing store. I feel that I scored. I got 7 adorable pieces and 6 of them were on sale. My favorite find was this ridiculous skirt:

It is perfect for the musician mom that I am. There are prints of pianos just under the waistband and the bulk of the skirt is a musical staff with notes and the base is a keyboard. I got a sweet little sweater that is a sort of coral color that matches the coral in the skirt. I can't wait to wear it to the next concert. I got a few other summery tops, a new summer denim pencil skirt, and some winter pants that I hope to get into the rotation a few times before it gets super hot. As I polished off the last red velvet cupcake tonight, I have finally put my birthday to rest.

World, I'm now 29!


Catherine said...

glad you had a good belated birthday w/ lil sis!

LJ said...

Adorable skirt. You deserved a fun day of shopping with your little one!