Friday, April 04, 2008


I wish I was posting about an EGG, but no, Easter is over and it's EEG time.

I had an EEG a week ago today. I had my scalp scrubbed a little too hard and a little too much paste rubbed on my scalp and a few too many suctiony round things pressed a little too hard all over my head.

I laid there for about 25 minutes opening my eyes, then closing them, opening, closing, opening, closing and then opening and closing them just one more time for kicks I guess.

Next I had to breathe in and out of my mouth as hard as I could for a very long time. My whole body started to tingle and I felt like I might just pass out. It was like force-hyperventilating myself.

Finally I had to lay there with my eyes closed while a strobe light was placed very close to my eyes and blinked in rapid succession at various tempos for quite a while....all the while I was happy I got to keep my eyes closed.

And then I got to doze for a while.

When it was over I went along with my day with a hat on to protect the public from my pasty pasty hair-do.

And the result of that EEG is that I have a normal brain. Much to many of my close associate's surprise.


Chloe said...

We are very glad that your brain is physiologically normal...he he he!

Seriously, this is good news :)

Rane said...

What a relief! That's such great news.

pam said...

Happy to hear it was normal. I would have had one major panic attack from that experience. Seriously. You are a trooper!

Aprilyn said...

Marshall had to have that strobe light test too. It was during a sleep deprived sleep study/eeg. I'm glad your brain turned out to be normal after all!