Sunday, April 27, 2008

Gradually Going Green

I had such a fantastic time doing the Snow Queen Reading at NYU last week.

It was so great to learn new music and sing with professionals. My favorite of my many small roles was being a crazy dandelion in Mother Spring's garden, trying to kill Gerda. (Not familiar with the Snow Queen tale? Check this book out.) Doing the reading was such a treat for me after these many crazy weeks since (what we now call) The Head Bump.

One of my castmates, Julie, was taking leave from her EXTREMELY GREEN life. I WISH I could have gotten to know her better, but what with 2 acts of a new musical and only a few days to learn it in, I am left only with her website.

Click here to explore Your Environmental Road Trip. There are a lot of great videos and blogs to inspire your greenness.  Enjoy.

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