Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day

As Earth Week Continues, on Earth Day I post my Little Tree Hugger!  I am grateful for the beautiful cherry blossoms that are scarce in our neighborhood, but seem to be all over NYC this spring!  I am also immensely grateful to the makers of Claritin, Nasonex and Singulair for keeping my allergies under control.

If you are feeling Extra Earth-Dayie, click on  this List of past Gradually Going Green Posts and make a change in your life to honor Earth Day today...and every day.


Gedde Adventures said...

Hey Kage, Quick question, did you ever buy one of the Sigg bottles? Just wondering how they worked out if you did, because lately there has been A LOT of attention to plastics in the media and I was thinking that these were a healthy alternative for our family... Just wondering if you guys switched to those?
Thanks! Sara

nowlze said...

that photo is too cute. i am picturing the three of you playing frogger just to make it to the median! (no risk to great for such a perfect shot, right?)


Kage said...

gedde, sigg are my faves...and I highly recommend them. no foul taste, super durable....go for it.

Anonymous said...

so what are these sigg bottles? please share-thanks!

Kage said...

Sigg Bottles