Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Loves April

April, what a challenging month.

Our long talk. It was nice.
Cleaning the house while we were in CA
Cleaning the house while we were in VT
Taking my parents out for dinner in Chicago
Becoming Newyorkified with the throw-down guy. Way to go honey.
Thinking the Frog Pod was cute and even installing it. I bought it for someone else, but you liked it too much for me to give it away. The girls love it too.
Always having my back: "Be good to your mom. Obey your mom. Practice your violin."
Exhibiting patience with car issues
Always balancing the budget, even when I got over it, over and over and over again.
Working so hard for our family.
Donating to my run/walk, to get me to my goal!

Lil Sis:
Being so freaky about puzzles. You just LOVE them so much
You started singing! I love your voice!
When I put a clip in your hair, you looked at yourself and said: "I look like Georgie!" Which is true, she always wears a clip like that.
Using the word "Actually" a lot.
When I came in to kiss you goodnight you said, holding my face, "Your cheeks are really really cold."
Your joy at every single animal at the zoo, even the little sparrows and turtles that do not even move.
Sitting down at the sea lion tank at the Central Park zoo, expecting the SHAMU show a la Sea World
You and our friends dogs in just LOVE animals.
Seeing the giant rottweiler that is bigger than you, in our building and just hugging it and letting it lick your face off.
When the wind has been blowing you say: "My hair is so long" which it's not, but it's so cute that you think it is.

Big Sis:
When it was time to raise pledges for your School Fundraiser you said: "I'm going to call people who love me."
Your voice and you pacing back and forth while on the phone, while trying to raise money. Crossing your fingers while you wait for people to announce what amount they are willing to donate.
After you saw the Pippi Longstocking Marionette Show, telling me about every Set Change, and what they left out from the book.
Being brave at Sea World and holding a Sea Star
The video you made there with your best friend....too funny
When the photographer came to take our photo and I was apologizing for not being ready because I had a long morning, you saying to her: "My mom and dad have been fighting ALL MORNING" I love that you tell the truth.

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Catherine said...

We have the FROG POD too!!! Got our in Target for $12.99 on clearance!!! WE LOVE IT!!


Catherine & Paige in Orlando