Saturday, April 26, 2008

Road Trip?

DH and I spent a little time analyzing the Posse analytics. It's always fun to see how far-reaching the Posse can be. I love all the emails I get about a wide variety of topics...yes, people have started moving from the topic of my hair to obama campaigning, commercials and of course the seizure advice.

I thought it would be fun to visit some of the towns where there is moderate readership. The following is a list of towns that I think would be doable for a road trip:

Cavendish, VT

Newport, NH
Claremont, NH

Chicopee, MA
South Hadley, MA

Avon, CT
South Windsor, CT

Ho Ho Kus, NJ
Fair Lawn, NJ
Harrison, NJ

Byron, NY
Pleasant Valley, NY
West Nyack, NY

I am especially wanting to visit Ho Ho Kus, I mean come on.....the name alone! And, Byron, after my Grandpa.

So, if any of ya'll are reading, let me know where I should visit if I come by your town. I am a fan of mom and pop bookstores and good eats.


Brandy said...

Gordo, Alabama....nice lil' small town w/ that "everyone knows everyone" feel. this lil' town only has one traffic light. it holds the mule day/chicken fest every year and everyone comes out to enjoy the vendors, food, and entertainment.

Aprilyn said...

Orem, Utah. Actually, go to the Armstrong Mansion in SLC. It's a really nice bed and breakfast. It's a really old house that was once owned by one of the early mayors of SLC. So cool! Hubby and I just went there for our anniversary and it was so nice! Ok, so maybe we're just so easy to please since we NEVER get out!

Aprilyn said...

I forgot to mention. I'm trying hard to finish up the book for Stef's wedding. It's a book of memories of my Mom. I would really appreciate it if you would contribute. I could copy and paste your blog entry about YNS. Let me know please. I have to get this done pretty quickly.

Sue said...

Well, you'd have to hop on a plane, so this is out as a road trip, but as far as a unique cultural experience you'd have to go to Spain to match it. My mom is coming here next week and we are going to Fort Worth to watch the cowboys drive the long horn cattle down main street. We have lived here for three years now and have never seen them do this, even though it happens twice daily.

Lucy said...

I wonder if I come up as chicopee... and who else round here is reading. I'm actually in springfield and my girls (6 and almost 4) love to see the pictures of your girls. I'm not so sure about the good eats (although I hear there's a lot of them), but there is a bunch of dr seuss stuff and the basketball hall of fame, and ummm, other stuff i'm sure! I'm curious what's in Ho Ho Kus....

Anonymous said...

I am also in the dallas fort worth area. PLENTY to do here. a wide variety of people and places. great food too. also, i lived in austin for 3 years and i must say it DOES not feel like a typical texas town. it is very crowded but very very cool. i would highly suggest austin and dallas.

Anonymous said...

i forgot to mention new orleans. i am from louisiana and now live in texas. new orleans is an awesome place to visit and the food is amazing! i have never been to new york. that is one of the places on my list.

Anonymous said...

FOR SURE go to Northampton MA. It's not on the list, but you can stop in Chicopee AND hit South Windsor CT on your way there. Northampton is gorgeous in the summer... Look Park is wonderful (DH and girls would love it) there are paddle boats to ride on a lovely little lake. Oh and plenty of little bookshops and fabulous food on Main Street. It's kind of a hippie town, but so fun and pretty.

Melissa said...
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