Friday, April 11, 2008

Third Person Friday (look, her brain is broken, she can't keep track of the days anymore)

She had two appointments today.

Her first was for an MRI at the Weill Cornell Imaging Center, which seriously had the most beautiful waiting room she had ever seen, and she only waited about 2 minutes, to her disappointment, as she had just found a comfy chair in a sunny spot, to curl up and read while she waited.

She had read over the literature about possible allergic reactions to the dye-injection for MRI's. She remembered the strange severe rash she had upon coming home from the hospital that she had blamed on the detergent used in the gowns and sheets in the hospital and the IV fluids and who knows what else. She decided to read over the material on the dye to see if anything stood out to her as a possible allergen, but nothing did so she proceeded.

She was in and out of sleep during the MRI until about halfway through when she was awakened by the technician. She watched him insert the dye into her IV and she had a foreboding feeling inside because she thought she was most likely a candidate for being allergic to the gadolinium. She didn't think about it too long and went back to her MRI nap.

When it was all over she walked to her Endodontist appointment to check in on her bottom teeth. He sprayed something on a tool and pressed it onto her tooth and she almost jumped out of her seat in pain. Then he did it to the next tooth and she did not feel a thing. Then the next one, nope...nothing. And finally, on the fourth one, she almost leaped out of her chair again.

2 dead.

She failed. She never likes that feeling of failure, even if the dead teeth weren't her fault. It was that stupid-girl-on-the-playground-in-2nd-grade-whose-forehead-got-lodged-into-her-front-teeth-while-they-were-both-running-towards-each-other-and-collided's fault. Yes, the trauma of 2nd grade that gave her 2 root canals several years back, is now rearing it's ugly tooth again. Her appointment for 2 root canals is on April 30th.

She then went about her day and suddenly at around 3:30 she felt the rash kick in. She knew it. She knew she was allergic to that dumb dye. She is usually totally fine with handling an allergic rash, but this one is different, and since this is third person after all, she feels fine revealing that those private parts you teach your children not to talk about (all of them), are afflicted to the max by this uncomfortable RASH. OOOOUUUUUUUCCCCHHHH!

She then got the phone call from her doc. Doc informed her that her MRI indicated that her brain was still recovering from the trauma and confirmed blood spots as opposed to calcifications. She assured her: "it's ok, you don't need your frontal lobe anyway, our brains double up all over the place so you'll be fine." "Great," she thought, "now I'm down two teeth and a frontal lobe." She asked about where she goes from here and how does she get a diagnosis with a normal EEG and a clear MRI under her belt. Her doctor suggested a 24-hour EEG and also indicated that the events she described surrounding the seizure are pointing to epilepsy.

After she had gotten the normal EEG results she had been hoping for a free and clear bill of health, so at the conclusion of this conversation, she felt the anguish return. Her daughter was there to give her hugs and her DH and then her mom both gave comforting words over the phone, that in a nutshell, went something like this: "Give yourself a break." So, she's going to try, after the itching stops.

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CJ said...

I am so sorry that you've had such a bad day as if blood on the brain isn't enough...but the teeth! In my opinion I'd track down the girl from second grade to see if she still has scars on her forehead! At least then you'd feel like you gave as good as you got. LOL. I hope that you receive nothing but good news from now on.