Sunday, April 06, 2008

Venice Beach

I found a little bit of New York in Cali! It's in Venice Beach....there are a lot of crazies!!! Even met a two-headed turtle.

We had our first official beach day. It was too cold for me, but the girls seemed to loved it.


Aprilyn said...

Big Sis has great balance there. She is such a good model isn't she? :)They are both darling. I love Lil' Sis' picture. Those are some great sunglasses! Looks like she's too busy drinking to care if you're taking her picture. Cute kids!

Nikee said...

If you go back to Venice you HAVE to go to Titanic. It's the best hat store! I drop $$ every time I go there! Carl can make a hat look good on anybody. Seriously, anyone. Your cousin Taylor looked amazing in a fedora, sadly it was $300, but I never would have put a fedora on him in a million years. The guys that work there are genius! They just look at you, find a hat in the massive millions and put it on you. It's insane how good you look in so many hats! Ha ha! You'd love it!