Thursday, April 24, 2008


Today, our Vermont adventures took us to the Simon Pearce factory and retail store. We spent some time watching the glassworkers shape glass into things very similar to this decanter. It was fascinating to see the whole process, something I have never thought about when glancing at glassware at a department store. The glass is heated to 1500 degrees, so watching got a little hot.

The girls found some relief by sticking their faces into the grated windows.

After that we passed by one of Vermont's many beautiful covered bridges. And then we stopped by to meet some animals.

Lil Sis loved the cat, and despite the severe cuddling, she did not get a hiss or a scratch.

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nymanzanita said...

What a fun trip! I still have never made it to Vermont but would love to. I am sure that the factory was interesting too....I saw glass blowing in Venice a few years ago but hadnt really thought much about stemware in the states either. Thanks for sharing your trip! Any Ben and Jerrys?